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FISA Finally Flies!

The US Senate voted today to approve the FISA bill, including immunity for the telecomm companies who acted at the government’s request with the understanding they were receiving and acting on legal requests.  The bill was approved after Republicans agreed to allow Democrats more judicial and congressional oversight.  And the bill passed 69-28.

Bush is, of course, expected to sign the bill.

Obama, despite voting for the bill, expects to keep an eye on this activity if elected and address any issues he sees.

Wait a minute, did I just say OBAMA VOTED FOR THE BILL???  Yup, although he voted against the immunity amendment, he voted for the bill.  And Clinton, in a show of party unity with Obama, voted against it.

Obama is …

Another Good Reason To Be A Democrat

It’s so easy to get away with things.  Right in front of everyone.  No one seriously does anything about it.  We’ve seen it with Obama, Clinton, Clinton, and today, with Chris Dodd.

I don’t know why I keep thinking that people like Dodd are respectable and of high integrity.  When Countrywide gave him a great, no a ridiculously incredible deal on his mortgage (his wasn’t a sub-prime, was it?), he had to know right then an there that he was get preferential treatment of an order that was inappropriate for a US Senator.  Add to that the fact he received significant political contributions from the company and then he co-sponsors the Dodd-Shelby housing-bailout bill (that essentially bails out the likes of Countrywide).

And now, National …

Would YOU Accept A VP Nomination?

The Hill had a good idea… ask 97 US Senators if they’d like to be Vice President.  The variety of answers was quite interesting.  I was saddened and yet satisfied that Mitch McConnell said simply “No.”  The two men from here in Iowa, one from each party, had to be cute… I think they were expecting the question.  Harkin (D), who ran for President in 1992 (he did not make it very far, as I recall), said “No, I’d have Jon Stewart stand in for me. Jon Stewart. That’s my guy.”  Chuck Grassley (R) said “I’m too old to be vice president. But I am young enough to be reelected to the Senate.”  I hope that was an announcement of his intent to run again …

How A Minority Holds Sway

I read with keen interest James Freeman’s interview with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal titled “The Power of 41 Senators”. Although being in the majority is always more effective than the minority, McConnell (along with the entire Congress) has an impressive record (I can’t believe I’m saying this about our Congress) of successfully implementing a rather conservative agenda while remaining in the minority. Why is that? As McConnell states:

“The good news is that 49 is not a bad number in a body that requires 60. The United States Senate is the only legislative body in the world where a majority is not enough.”

The reason, of course, is the Senate’s cloture rules. 60 votes are needed to force a …

Lieberman Explains Support for McCain

Joe Lieberman, Independent Senator from Connecticut (although, oh, he does still caucus with the Democrats in the Senate) explains his position supporting John McCain today in the Stamford Advocate. Lieberman says McCain is “really a reformer” who is not bogged down by partisan politics.

You’ll recall that in January Lieberman and McCain co-authored a well-written piece that was published in the Wall Street Journal regarding the success of the troop surge in Iraq. Lieberman is co-chair of McCain’s Connecticut campaign along with US Representative Christopher Shays (R-Connecticut).

At this point in the election process, it is important, in my opinion, for conservatives to support the Republican Party, including the candidate for President. I support McCain in this election, while I will still continue to …

Time to Clean Up the Senate

I’ve said it a number of times here in the past: the real power is in the US Congress.  Presidents can negotiate with foreign leaders, take military action (to an extent), and manage the administration as approved (more or less) by Congress.  And then a little here and there with Presidential Executive Orders.  And of course, the President can submit legislation and veto bills (it’s rather insignificant to mention the power to sign bills into law, but it is there).  But the President cannot get the legislation to his/her desk without Congress passing the bills.

And the President cannot stop Congress from creating earmarks.  I take a story from BitsBlog in toto:

WASHINGTON – FOX- The Senate rejected calls from both parties’ presidential candidates

Mr. Smith Attends a Convention

I had the privilege of participating as a delegate to my first Republican Polk County (Iowa) convention. It was a great experience. We ended up with significantly more people than expected (usually 50% of the elected delegates show up, we had about 70%+) which had a big impact on our start time and completion of some of the work (particularly, electing district committee members). It was a big challenge for the Chairman to maintain order, but thankfully he was able to keep the proceedings under control. We ended up losing our quorum around 6:00, which forced us to accept the remainder of the platform as presented by the Platform Committee, but we did get all of the district committee members elected (it took 5 ballots …

FISA Passes the Senate

I’ve got to assume that what we needed has passed the Senate (and will eventually in the House) since the New York Times website headline reads: “Senate Passes Bill to Expand U.S. Spying Powers”. I usually figure I’m getting what I need when the Times tries to make it sound bad.

Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, who spoke on the Senate floor for more than 20 hours in an unsuccessful effort to stall the wiretapping bill, said the vote would be remembered by future generations as a test of whether the country heeds “the rule of law or the rule of men.”

But with Democrats defecting to the White House plan, he acknowledged that the national security issue had won the day in the

Come To The Table

I do not support the candidacy of John McCain. But I plan to vote for my party even if he is the nominee. I plan to attend my county convention in March (I was selected as a delegate to that event), and voice my position on the issues, on the candidates, and do my best to represent my neighbors who asked me to do that. Even if I do not continue to any other conventions after that, I will continue to voice these opinions, support the delegates that do go on, provide them input, and discuss the same issues here at The Conservative Reader as well.


Captain Ed and I see this the same way. With regard to McCain’s comments at CPAC (particularly the …

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