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Although we may all support the notion that one is innocent until proven guilty, we (and Stevens) have a responsibility to ensure that we not only keep our noses clean, we do all we can to avoid the appearance of impropriaty.  The fact that Ted managed to get himself in a situation where the FBI and prosecutors are ready to bring him down means that either Ted is guilty, or exceptionally stupid. 

The opportunity we have now in Alaska is that there is a primary scheduled in August for the Republican Senatorial Seat, which Stevens’ has held longer than any other sitting Senator, and frankly the Republican voters of Alaska need to make a statement to the entire country that Republicans will not tolerate unethical behavior in her politicians, or even the appearance of such behavior.

Imagine the groundswell of impact that will have across the country if voters realize that they CAN hold their politicians accountable even if they hold the kind of seniority and power that Ted has held for years now.  Such a statement can potentially energize the Republican Party and give Independents and Democrats pause as they consider who they are voting for this fall. 

Alaska Republicans, I don’t know anything yet about the slate of opponents (except that two of them appear to be church pastors), but I hope you can find one man to raise up above the rest (so as to ensure a solid defeat of Stevens).  Find a man who is untainted ethically if you can, and one who is as conservative as you can.  What you do on August 26 could dramatically impact the entire November election!

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