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Same Look, New Location For TCR

We have been taking months to schedule a move to our permanent internet domain. We delayed the work to ensure that we didn’t create an unnecessary outage during time leading up to the election last year. Now that the excitement is past and the dirty work and belly-aching is behind us, this looks like a good time to make the transition.

So, effective today, we are now located at ““.  If you have us bookmarked, you will want to change the bookmark to this new location.  We will maintain redirecting capabilities from the old site to the new one so that your links don’t break right away, but don’t count on that being there forever.

If you are an rss or email subscriber, …

The Final 2008 Presidential Debate: Open Thread

As mentioned earlier, this will be an open thread for any comments you have during and after tonight’s Presidential debate. Please keep it clean and kind. We always reserve the right to delete anything we find offensive.

I so wish I could be here tonight, but events are preventing me from being online during this big showdown (although I’m not expecting much excitement tonight). 

Enjoy the debate!!!…

2008 Presidential Debate Number 3 Preview

I apologize that I will not be available to provide live comments during the debate tonight.  I will be on the road and unable to blog during the debate, but I will be listening.

There will be an open thread entry that will appear at 8:30 PM Eastern time for those of you that wish to offer comments during the debate.  Please come join us, and perhaps some of the other TCR writers will be here to comment.

I expect that after 2 other rather lack-luster events, we can probably expect this one to be not much different, which is a shame.  After McCain started soft-pedaling how people should percieve Obama, I find it hard to believe that we should expect any fireworks tonight.  I …

The Pinhead Factor

An anonymous writer at The Real Sporer Tuesday night made an interesting observation that I think we should not only understand but build an action plan upon.

At the end of the second Presidential Debate there were a few trailing comments at Ted’s site (including one from yours truly), and the final one at about 12:20 AM stated:

I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Instead of repeating “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”
I find myself repeating “Maybe democrats aren’t so bad, maybe democrats aren’t so bad”. I know it’s just a psychological coping mechanism. BHO is a damn good debater. He doesn’t have much substance but unfortunately we live with at least 50.1% pinheads. I am concerned.

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