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The Path to Victory: Grassroots Republicanism

Let’s start, with a premise:

Every Republican president candidate since 1964 has had their level of success or failure, respectively, tied directly to the degree of voter perception that they have or have not turned their back on conservatism.

Consider the history of the thing… and it all flows one way:

  • Nixon billed himself a conservative, and successfully, even though in most respects he was a California Moderate, and came down more or less where  John McCain was in the most recent election; to the left of George W Bush.  Yet, Nixon had an electoral landslide in both elections. (Admittedly, the Democrats he ran against were a laughable lot, which didn’t hurt him.)
  • Bush 41 figured if he bent over forward enough, the left would

A Shot At Defining Conservatism

We are thinking heavily here about how to present a systematic approach to understanding what we call “Conservatism”.  Just this week, a fellow Iowa blogger Albert Bregar penned his thoughts at Red County Polk County and Iowa Defense Alliance.

Albert provides an excellent start with a view to how many of us think about defining the way conservatives see the world today (okay, such a view would include “Ronald Reagan came back for more”).  We will certainly start looking around blogdom and start collecting a list of such statements as “Smaller Government” and build them into a resource. 

But in stating the conservative view of today’s world, we do limit ourselves to more of a statement of “how does conservative thinking apply to today’s …

Reset: New Beginnings

About a two and a half years ago we started this blog with a vague idea of what we wanted to accomplish. That first post was pretty much just a “hello”, with a short commentary on me. It took four months for me to write a second post, and a year after that for the third one.  From that point on our vision for The Conservative Reader began to take form and about a year ago we began writing in earnest.

Since January 1 2008, we have provided one or more pieces of commentary on politics, government and business (okay, an occasional cutover to sports) every single day.  As the Presidential Election took shape we pretty much got wrapped up into the whole political cycle …

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