Reset: New Beginnings

About a two and a half years ago we started this blog with a vague idea of what we wanted to accomplish. That first post was pretty much just a “hello”, with a short commentary on me. It took four months for me to write a second post, and a year after that for the third one.  From that point on our vision for The Conservative Reader began to take form and about a year ago we began writing in earnest.

Since January 1 2008, we have provided one or more pieces of commentary on politics, government and business (okay, an occasional cutover to sports) every single day.  As the Presidential Election took shape we pretty much got wrapped up into the whole political cycle and almost exclusively commented on current events, especially the election.

Now it’s time to get back to what we came here for.  Our mission is to provide a family-friendly place for everyone, regardless of political persuasion, to find educational resources (books, videos, links to other web content), commentary and conversation that will help develop a greater understanding of

  1. government history (US and others)
  2. theories of government and business
  3. the foundations of US Government, how it works and why
  4. influential writings over the centuries
  5. political history (US and others)
  6. practical suggestions on grassroots involvement in politics
  7. background and foundations in conservative thinking
  8. perspectives on current events, policy, political campaigns, business

Frankly, I spent this past election cycle doing everything I could to understand the issues, the people running for office, and impacts of policy decisions, and we talked about a lot of that here at TCR.  And yet, I went to the polls and found myself not fully prepared for my entire ballot.  I know that a lot of people tried very hard to do the same as I did, and yet I’m sure many were just as frustrated at not knowing enough when election time came.  I bring this up because there are a handful of ways that we as individuals can impact the face of our government, and the most important one is our vote.  And yet how many of us are truly casting a well-informed vote?

We don’t pretend to believe that The Conservative Reader would be the be-all and end-all place for you to get informed, but we certainly hope we can be a part of providing access to valuable information, a forum for sharing ideas to help provide better understanding, and encouraging people to seek it out.

We also hope that this can be a place for high school students, as well as life students (slightly older folks like myself who always want to learn) to supplement their formal education.

So periodically, we will post  a series called “Reset”, which will provide comments on Conservatism, and start looking at a systematic approach to understanding conservative thought.

You can contribute to this discussion.  We don’t pretend to know everything, and will rely on as many resources as we can.  Leave a comment on this post, or send us an email.

About the Author

Mr. Smith is the Publisher of The Conservative Reader. He is Partner/Owner of Ambrosia Web Technology as well as a Systems Architect for Wells Fargo. Art hold a degree in Computer Science from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and is a political blogger at the Des Moines Register. Art's views are purely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Wells Fargo.


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