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Christians and the Sphere of the State

Reprinted from The Iowa Family Policy Center Blog, with permission.

Hugh Hewitt recently interviewed theologian J.P. Moreland on the evangelical understanding (or lack there of) of being a responsible Christian citizen in our democratic republic.

Moreland, who has written extensively on Christian truth in the public square, had this to say:

“Being involved in politics is not unchristian. In fact, it’s a part of our calling as Christians. Why? Because we are supposed to do good to all people including the household of faith. And to do good to all people means establishing just laws and a just and a stable social order. And that’s the job of the state. It’s political. So the first thing a pastor should do and the Church should

The Signs of Decline

I am not going to argue the merits of the case or the stretched use of precedence. And it is far too easy to poke holes at the California Supreme Court.

But instead I ask one single question. Does anyone not see this as a sign of the on-going decline of our society?

I’m not intending to be alarmist about this, and of course I’m going to be lumped with the extremist religious wackos that promote a “God hates the world” message (one that I vehemently oppose).

I support the rights of all to life, liberty and happiness, even for those who carry on privately in sexual or other conduct that is repulsive to me.

But for the government to establish a new order to …

Obama Can’t Shake His “Bitter” Remarks

Someone this weekend (I can’t recall who) said that Obama lacks the experience to make a run for President at this point in his career, and perhaps he has stepped into too big a pile of doo-doo to ever make a successful run now.

I didn’t give that as much thought until I saw that four days after this whole story about his comments regarding people in small towns (specifically ones with significant job losses) “bitter” about their plights and clinging to “guns or religion” came out, he is still trying to squirm his way around it.

Politics is simple.  If you can’t explain your way out of something in a couple of days, stop talking about it.  Unless of course you want the …

Westboro – As Phake As You Can Get

My good buddy Bithead made passing mention yesterday of yet another of Westboro’s (the “church” from Topeka Hell) planned outings, this one to Heath Ledger’s funeral.  He rightfully calls them the “slugs” they are, but then says (to Westboro):

You’re in the business, in the end, of changing minds.

Sorry, my friend, they’re not in that business at all.  And it is about hate… that is, provoking others into hating them so much that people will make the unfortunate mistake of reacting to this group’s “right” of free speech with even the smallest physical violence.  And all it takes is a shove.  Or a punch.  Or a brawl.  Any way you look at it, they intentionally put themselves in a position from which they …

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