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My good buddy Bithead made passing mention yesterday of yet another of Westboro’s (the “church” from Topeka Hell) planned outings, this one to Heath Ledger’s funeral.  He rightfully calls them the “slugs” they are, but then says (to Westboro):

You’re in the business, in the end, of changing minds.

Sorry, my friend, they’re not in that business at all.  And it is about hate… that is, provoking others into hating them so much that people will make the unfortunate mistake of reacting to this group’s “right” of free speech with even the smallest physical violence.  And all it takes is a shove.  Or a punch.  Or a brawl.  Any way you look at it, they intentionally put themselves in a position from which they can sue the pants off of you, and they will.  Arguing with them is a wase of time, because they’re doing this only for the MONEY!

WarningHonestly, I don’t want to spend a lot of space drawing any more attention to them than a warning to others: don’t let them get to you.  They will say and do the most evil, vile, offensive things they possibly can to get you to react.  When I was in junior high school, it was called picking a fight.  Like the kid who knocks your books out of your hands while you’re both standing behind a teacher, and when you start swinging, they cry out so that YOU get in trouble.  It’s a trick as old as any other, and these folks have simply put a financial angle on it to boot and made it look completely innocent to others (or enough to hold sway in court).  Police generally KNOW what they are all about, but can do nothing except try to warn people to avoid them.  They picketed in front of my church one time and I could not believe the words on their signs.  If you go to their web site (I don’t suggest you do that, and I won’t provide you with links there because we have a family-friendly content and linking policy here) you would be appalled at the things they not only say, but get their children to promote on tee-shirts, signs, etc.

The guy that runs the “church” is a lawyer.  Been trained as a lawyer for decades.  Frankly, this is one situation where the 1st Amendment is being seriously abused (both from a religion and free-speech standpoint), and I think that one could make a case that it does not even apply because I don’t believe this group (leaders or followers, and this church is almost entirely made up of members of the leader’s family) believes a word they say.  I don’t think they know or care about God, or about homosexuality, or “righteousness”, I think they only care about how they make money, how they run their rather arcane “business”.  They picket homes, businesses, churches in their own city every single day.  The things they do and say are completely contrary to Biblical teaching on dealing with sin, compassion, and societal issues.  They are a fraud, hoax, and about as wicked and vicious a people as I have seen.

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