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Gaffe on Gaffe?

bad idea, mistake, gaffeEzra Klein of the Washington Post recognized very quickly that Barack Obama’s comment “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” was a real problem. In an article in the Post called “Mitt Romney’s Misleading Attack Ad,” Klein indicates “So, in Romney’s ad, ‘that’ refers to building a business. In Obama’s remarks, ‘that’ refers to the roads and bridges.” I really wonder how long it took for Mr. Klein to come up with that one? Highly imaginative.

The greater text from Obama’s speech, which Klein quotes, is as follows: “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be ‘cause …

The DSM Register Independence Day Weekend “Progressive Trifecta” (2nd of 3)

The Des Moines Register’s Opinion Section on Sunday, July 3, 2011 featured a “Progressives Trifecta” of half-truths and sophistry:

Richard Doak – What if the founders were around today?

Donald Kaul – My favorite 4th of July speech

Dean Baker – Keep Social Security safe from politicians who want to save it

This week I will focus my comments on Donald Kaul’s article sub-titled “Real patriotism requires coming to terms with the grimmer side of American history”.

Donald Kaul – He shares viewpoints about the things he likes and dislikes about the 4th of July.  He likes back yard gatherings but he dislikes patriotic claptrap.  He likes patriotism, defined as acts of citizenship and service, but dislikes speechifying.  He likes the flag itself …

How The Obamedia Will Try To Manipulate You

Less than 72 hours remain until the polls will close across the country, and we’re already getting plenty of messages intended to demoralize McCain supporters. DON’T LISTEN TO A WORD OF IT!

The model for this was set during the primaries… a great analysis and prediction of repeat offenses are described at the HillBuzz Blog.  It’s a great read if you have time, but the point of it that they will do anything to convince you to skip voting if you’re planning to vote for McCain.  Three core efforts (and tell me you haven’t seen this already) are:

  • Calls for McCain to just give up and quit, because the race is over
  • Wild claims of Obama winning states that shock and surprise you
  • Repeated

Palin: Ready To Serve

Tonight’s speech by Sarah Palin was a smashing hit!

It was truly inspiring and gave me, and clearly the convention delegates, an even stronger sense of confidence that we will win in November.

Palin hit hard against the liberal media and Democrats who have been attacking her since Friday.

She provided an excellent case for the McCain/Palin ticket.

And she showed that she’s not the naive backwater girl that many would like you to think she is.

Following Rudy Giuliani’s speech, which itself was solid and inspiring, Palin brought what looked to me like the perfect politician: sensitive, knowledgeable, kind, and yet strong, agressive, and ready to strike where needed.

As Bithead states this evening, it’s no wonder the left is scared that they …

Motorcades and MSM Are Dangerous

Two fatal Motorcade accidents, two different treatments by Time Magazine.  You really didn’t need to see the second one to know the first one showed the left lurching bias.

Hat Tip to Sister Toldjah.…

The NY Times Is Wrong, Just Like CBS

I want to be sure we’re not too dismissive about this whole debacle with the New York Times piece that showed up on the web yesterday and presumably in the print edition today. Rather, let’s just look at how it compares to some things in the past.

First off, again, I’m not a big fan of John McCain. You will, however, need substantially better evidence than an indirect version of Dan Rather’s George W. Bush National Guard Letters story, which as you recall was discovered to be a fabrication.

The Dan Rather fiasco is the first major point to consider. Dan had what appeared to be incontrovertible evidence of manipulation by the Bush family to keep George W. out of trouble, and the whole affair …

The First Amendment Wins, For Now

Well, aside from an apparent win for Romney (expected, and not a big deal) in Michigan, and a relatively calm Democratic debate in Nevada, the big news in my book is the Nevada Supreme Court overturning (as reported by the New York Times Blog site) the ridiculous order yesterday by Judge Thompson to force NBC to include Kucinich in tonight’s debate. As I stated earlier today, the judge was wrong, Kucinich was wrong to pursue it, and NBC must maintain its ability to control its own content. Of course, that’s based on a strictly Constructionist view of the Constitution. Imagine, a Right-wing ideology comes to the aid of the Democrats and the Liberal Media. Strictly speaking, the ACLU should have been supporting Kucinich in …

Well, I’m glad the National Media left town just in time…

The Des Moines Register, always the bastion of repeating whatever any silly church happens to say, had this headline on the front page of Saturday’s edition: “Bible tells us I-35 is holy road, say some Christians”. Thankfully, they were at least reprinting Minneapolis Star Tribune story, but still, above the fold on the front page. “35 days of Prayer”, all of this based on Isaiah 35:8 “And a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the Holy Way; the unclean shall not pass over it, and fools shall not err therein”. Churches in 17 cities participated in the 35 days of prayer… seems to me they are the fools.

Aside from the fact that this is just plain idiotic, it frustrates me …

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