Palin: Ready To Serve

Tonight’s speech by Sarah Palin was a smashing hit!

It was truly inspiring and gave me, and clearly the convention delegates, an even stronger sense of confidence that we will win in November.

Palin hit hard against the liberal media and Democrats who have been attacking her since Friday.

She provided an excellent case for the McCain/Palin ticket.

And she showed that she’s not the naive backwater girl that many would like you to think she is.

Following Rudy Giuliani’s speech, which itself was solid and inspiring, Palin brought what looked to me like the perfect politician: sensitive, knowledgeable, kind, and yet strong, agressive, and ready to strike where needed.

As Bithead states this evening, it’s no wonder the left is scared that they are in full attack mode.

I think we’re ready to RUMBLE!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Speaking of Bithead, he also shared another bombshell (okay, perhaps more expected than it should be) about Hollis French, who is “investigating” Palin regarding the firing of the Director of Public Safety in Alaska.  French, an Alaska State Senator, is apparently a big supporter of Obama.  Read more at Bitsblog.

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