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Obamacare, Czars, Federal Agencies, Oh My!

Kassandra Kuehl, writer, Golden Rule of Economics, True Capitalism

Today we welcome Kassandra Kuehl to The Conservative Reader.  Kassandra Kassandra Kuehl is a writer and blogger with American Citizens for Economic Freedom.  – Ed.

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How do you feel when you think of the word “bureaucracy?” I did an experiment and wrote down all the adjectives I could think of when I thought about bureaucrats and bureaucracy. Stop for a moment and do this yourself. What were your results? All negative?

Do we need bureaucrats?

A Bureaucrat’s job is to stand between the lawmakers who create public policy, and the people. For example, if the recent Obamacare Mandate (tax) is established, bureaucrats will multiply in front of our eyes to oversee all the new policies, new taxes, new programs, …

Republicans Lead In Polls, ObamaCare Progresses, And Other Dangerous Things

Running with scissors, bungy-jumping, lion-training don’t hold a candle to these two items…

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Republicans appear to be doing well, very well, scary well. So what’s to be done about it? Republicans need to work harder, get more engaged, get more yard signs up, knock on more doors!

Why, you may ask, would I think that?

Because early poll successes:

  1. Are deceiving. In Politics, scientific polling lacks integrity because there are so many factors and inconsistencies, including the fact that they reflect a point in time, which is not election day
  2. Are open to interpretation. The complexities and meaning behind poll answers can be interpreted multiple ways… sometimes the answers mean something different than what we think.
  3. Can

Thoughts on Tim Geithner

There’s something just a little, how do I put it, smarmy about our soon-to-be new Secretary of the Treasury.  Here he is, applying for the job that oversees the IRS, and somehow a few years back he came up about $30,000 short on various taxes.

Where I grew up, we called that a double-standard.  President Obama has suggested he will not tolerate ethical lapses, and yet, we’re now allowing someone with a less-than-stellar record with regard to paying taxes to be the country’s banker.  If this were a Republican, the mainstream media would be howling and screaming.  The best word to describe it is…hypocrisy.  I guarantee you that if it were me, there would be no mercy.

Memo to Tim:  What were you thinking?  Who …

Finished, and Convinced: The FairTax Makes Sense

You may recall a few months ago I mentioned I had started reading The FairTax Book. It only took about 5 or 6 hours of reading time, but it kept bouncing around in priority, and I just finished a couple of days ago.

It is really tough to explain the whole idea in a few short sentences (making the book a great resource if you want to be able to speak intelligently to the subject). I was cynical of the idea before reading the book, and now I’m convinced it is the right way to both solve our current tax issues and help stimulate our sadly sagging economy.

Forgive me if I make this sound too simple, and I know it really isn’t, but what …

No-fault Credit

Today we got to see some of the substance of Barack Obama’s plan for solving the current economic crisis.  Both Reuters and the Wall Street Journal have good write-ups.

Obama’s approach includes:

  • More power to the Federal Reserve over non-bank investment firms that borrow from the central bank
  • A ‘financial oversight commission”
  • $30 billion in aid for financially stressed borrowers
  • A $1,000 tax credit for all working families
  • Eliminate the income tax.  But only if you are retired and making less then $50,000 a year
  • $10 billion for refinancing home loans or to help see a house

He also made some noise about raising the capital gains tax.  There’s a nice surprise.

We can agree with the first two items.  Except the second item sounds …

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