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There’s something just a little, how do I put it, smarmy about our soon-to-be new Secretary of the Treasury.  Here he is, applying for the job that oversees the IRS, and somehow a few years back he came up about $30,000 short on various taxes.

Where I grew up, we called that a double-standard.  President Obama has suggested he will not tolerate ethical lapses, and yet, we’re now allowing someone with a less-than-stellar record with regard to paying taxes to be the country’s banker.  If this were a Republican, the mainstream media would be howling and screaming.  The best word to describe it is…hypocrisy.  I guarantee you that if it were me, there would be no mercy.

Memo to Tim:  What were you thinking?  Who else are you going to allow slide?  Give me a break!

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