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The Stench Of Impropriety: Tom Harkin, Al Franken, Herbalife International, And The F.R.E.E.D Act (Part 1 of 2)

Once Again, Congress Is Exempted

inside private jetThere is a continuing theme in Congress and many of our State Legislatures that what's good for goose, is only good for the goose. Take a gander. Yes, you read that right. Congressmen can fly around in private jets, and can even buy brand-spanking new ones. Even though they criticize those in the business world who do the same (remember the CEOs of the Big Three Auto companies?). The best part is, Congress does it with money that they forcibly take from us (I am loathe to call it "theft", although the temptation to do so has grown in the past six months). Businesses do it with money they earn. Earn. I think I will start a new category: Congressional Exemptions. You see, Congress is of the opinion that they are, ahem, not always obliged to conform to the same set of laws or ideals that the rest of us are. Truly. And this is due in no small part to the Constitution of the United States. Yes that very document that we hold so dear as the last vestige of solace to those that would decry a tyrannical government.
Article I, Section 6 (The Legislative Branch - Compensation): ..."They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during [...]
The Stench Of Impropriety: Tom Harkin, Al Franken, Herbalife International, And The F.R.E.E.D Act (Part 1 of 2)

We Forgive You. Now Git.

governorsanford-officialportraitI'm saddened, frustrated , and absolutely disappointed. The story of Mark Sanford was a roller coaster that dumped me off a cliff at the end. Allow me to take you through this sequentially. I've spent the past 36 hours dramatically changing my thoughts about how I might speak to the unusual story of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's mysterious disappearance. Mark was the head of the Republican Governor's Association (now headed by Haley Barbour), and considered a potential candidate for the 2012 Presidential nomination. First I thought, after hearing that he had been missing for several days after driving off in a bodyguard's SUV, that this guy was a little weird. I could, at that point, conceive of only one type of circumstance that might explain this behavior, and that would be some kind of kidnapping or other threat by an outside party. Barring such a circumstance, I figured running for President didn't sound like something that could be on his calendar... disappearing on purpose and intentionally avoiding everyone with no explanation just didn't sound like an event that would instill anyone's confidence. The good news, I thought, is that he certainly hadn't disappeared because of an extramarital affair. No one would draw this much attention just so they could spend time with an alternate squeeze. Later on I heard he was hiking in the Appalachian Trail. Clearing his head, evidently. According to his staff, this was not unusual, so my thoughts about the man didn't change much, just continuing to seem very odd and unlikely to be a kidnapping but rather just some eccentricity. South Carolina officials were [...]
The Stench Of Impropriety: Tom Harkin, Al Franken, Herbalife International, And The F.R.E.E.D Act (Part 1 of 2)

BREAKING NEWS: Ill. House Votes To Impeach Blagojevich

I could not resist... this was the subject line on an email alert I received today from television station KCCI. All I can say is, if I were a member of the Illinois House, I'd be ill too. Looks like the Illinois Governor's days in office are numbered. I hope for the sake of the citizens of Illinois that the remainder of this process is swift and effective in getting the government back on track. Distractions like this are not good for state government, regardless of how much excitement it may generate for some. I'm glad politicians aren't in a position to just threaten the public and demand money to avoid destroying our lives... oh, wait. Sorry, I forget they can (and do). But seriously, why is anyone surprised? I'm amazed at [...]
Stevens Guilty

Stevens Guilty

I am not surprised at the guilty verdict handed down against US Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) on seven counts of making false statements. And nor should anyone else. I stated earlier in the year that Alaskan Republicans needed to find another candidate, but they failed. It amazes me that people like Ted can imagine that they are not only above the law, but that in the midst of failure they should continue on with their struggle for power when they should be focusing on dealing with the issue at hand... planning a appeal. From The Hill:

The senator vowed to “fight this unjust verdict with every ounce of energy I have” and said he would return home to defend his seat.

“I am innocent. This verdict is[...]
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