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A Shot At Defining Conservatism

A Shot At Defining Conservatism

We are thinking heavily here about how to present a systematic approach to understanding what we call "Conservatism". Just this week, a fellow Iowa blogger Albert Bregar penned his thoughts at Red County Polk County and Iowa Defense Alliance. Albert provides an excellent start with a view to how many of us think about defining the way conservatives see the world today (okay, such a view would include "Ronald Reagan came back for more"). We will certainly start looking around blogdom and start collecting a list of such statements as "Smaller Government" and build them into a resource. But in stating the conservative view of today's world, we do limit ourselves to more of a statement of "how does conservative thinking apply to today's issues". What I hope we may eventually find is more of a basis for conservative thought. It's great to say [...]

Fred Thompson At RNC

Watching Fred Thompson talking about John McCain at the Republican National Convention. I do wish Fred were running. But I’m appreciative and encouraged by the kind words from Fred, the well spoken story of McCain’s experience as a POW.  Sharing about the...

So, Are We Paying Attention?

I’m hoping that the fact you have come to this web site means that you care more about government than the average person.  If you care about government, how we do government, and who is doing the work of government on our behalf, then this article is for you....

Fred Thompson Speaking at National Right To Life Convention

Fred is speaking at the NRTL Convention right now (Thursday, 10:00 AM Eastern). You can see it here at (Update 12:40 PM Eastern: Looks like they have a line of speakers before Fred hits the key note.  Below is the recorded version… The introduction...
Deciding How To Vote in November

Deciding How To Vote in November

I was subjected to scenes of Barack and Hillary playing nice with each other on stage at a rally in Unity, New Hampshire.  It was a bit over the top. I don’t know what the real content (if any) of their speeches consisted of, and the newscasts simply showed...
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