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Open Thread for South Carolina Primary and Nevada Caucus

We will be posting comments here throughout the day today. I’ll be out off-line for a few hours, but will be back. Please feel free to leave comments here throughout today regarding the polling.

11:00 AM ET: Today is a big day. Sister Toldjah notes that the weather in South Carolina is wintry and may keep voting numbers down and that Ron Paul is getting as desperate as Kucinich has been by asking, at the last minute, for the Nevada Caucus to be delayed due to “inconsistencies”.

2:00 PM ET: Apparently based on exit polling only, NBC has declared Mitt Romney the winner in the Nevada Caucus. Ron Paul, who was the only Republican to do any serious advertising in Nevada, was second, …

The First Amendment Wins, For Now

Well, aside from an apparent win for Romney (expected, and not a big deal) in Michigan, and a relatively calm Democratic debate in Nevada, the big news in my book is the Nevada Supreme Court overturning (as reported by the New York Times Blog site) the ridiculous order yesterday by Judge Thompson to force NBC to include Kucinich in tonight’s debate. As I stated earlier today, the judge was wrong, Kucinich was wrong to pursue it, and NBC must maintain its ability to control its own content. Of course, that’s based on a strictly Constructionist view of the Constitution. Imagine, a Right-wing ideology comes to the aid of the Democrats and the Liberal Media. Strictly speaking, the ACLU should have been supporting Kucinich in …

So Much For the First Amendment

A Nevada judge has ordered NBC to include Kucinich in tonight’s Democratic debate. Wow. No, really, WOW. I never thought I’d see the press come under the control of the government to this extent. Regardless of what I think of Kucinich or NBC, Kucinich does have a right to run for President (although I wish he have the decency to lay down and let it go), a right to speak, but not, in my opinion, a right bully his way into a debate like this.

NBC should be able to control this type of content in any way they like. Even if it’s bad TV or bad politics.
The network has said they would appeal if the judge acted against them… should be fun day …

This Could be a LONG Primary Season

Believe it or not, New Hampshire is getting a recount!  Dennis Kucinich (whom, I’m sorry, is not worth the time to talk about in this space except he did this) requested the recount, paying a $2,000 fee for the privilege.  Fox News quotes him as saying:

 â€œThis isn’t about me, and it’s not about Senator Clinton or Senator Obama,” Kucinich said. â€It’s about the integrity of the election process. Keep in mind that there are huge disparities between polls on the day of the election and the returns.”

To quote another Democrat, we have to suspend disbelief to buy into this one.  It’s all about maneuvering and making a show.  I’ve seen nothing yet that give me any reason to believe there’s any justification for …

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