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We will be posting comments here throughout the day today. I’ll be out off-line for a few hours, but will be back. Please feel free to leave comments here throughout today regarding the polling.

11:00 AM ET: Today is a big day. Sister Toldjah notes that the weather in South Carolina is wintry and may keep voting numbers down and that Ron Paul is getting as desperate as Kucinich has been by asking, at the last minute, for the Nevada Caucus to be delayed due to “inconsistencies”.

2:00 PM ET: Apparently based on exit polling only, NBC has declared Mitt Romney the winner in the Nevada Caucus. Ron Paul, who was the only Republican to do any serious advertising in Nevada, was second, followed by McCain and then Thompson. Again, this is based on NBC’s exit poll numbers, we have yet to see the actual returns.

3:50 PM ET: Reports of technical problems in Horry County, South Carolina (Myrtle Beach is located there) where election machines had apparently not been cleared prior to the start of voting, and supposedly a lack of paper ballots (which are required by law in South Carolina). Voters were asked to return later in the day… that’s gonna sit real well.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, Mitt Romney appears to be the winner (unofficially) as the exit polling indicated a couple of hours ago. The numbers currently seem to show Thompson and Huckabee neck-and-neck in 4th place. On the Dems side, Hillary appears to have a 5% lead over Obama, with Edwards way behind. More later.

4:05 PM ET: Trolling around the blogosphere, Sister Toldjah is keeping her open post heavily updated. BitHead notes McCain’s poor showing in his home state. Most other blogs stating simply “Romney Wins Nevada”. I did find a nice little reference to last night’s South Carolina campaign speech by Thompson at the Born Again RedNeck.

11:00 PM ET: Well, Thompson did okay in South Carolina.  Hopefully, he will keep the message moving forward.  McCain won in South Carolina, followed by Huckabee.   Romney definitely has Nevada, along with Clinton (each had 51%). Tomorrow is a new day.   Time for sleep.

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