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Can Conservatives Support McCain?

John Hawkins at Right Wing News today proclaimed an about-face on his position regarding John McCain. Granted, Hawkins is not make a huge shift in position, since he has shared the same opinion of many of us that McCain is far from conservative and not what we consider the ideal candidate. But he has also shared the opinion of many of us that we need to support McCain regardless in order to avoid the inevitable catastrophe that the Democrats would foist upon us if they take the White House.

Now, he is convinced that he cannot support McCain.

I have a lot of respect for John Hawkins and I even understand his reasoning on this topic, as it appears very likely that McCain has not …

Why We Need The Two-Party System

My dad hates labels. We’ve had this conversation numerous times in the past regarding how bad it is to put a label on yourself or others as if that label defines who you are.

I understand where he’s coming from in many respects, and yet I also maintain a need to use short expressions clarify my position in areas that could take an hour to describe in depth, but can communicate much in two or three words, such as “constitutional constructionist”. Granted, expressions (or labels) like that can be broadly interpreted or useless to those without any context regarding what it means.

And so in this Presidential election year we struggle with what it means to be “conservative” or “Republican” or “liberal”, or “libertarian”, or …

Lieberman Explains Support for McCain

Joe Lieberman, Independent Senator from Connecticut (although, oh, he does still caucus with the Democrats in the Senate) explains his position supporting John McCain today in the Stamford Advocate. Lieberman says McCain is “really a reformer” who is not bogged down by partisan politics.

You’ll recall that in January Lieberman and McCain co-authored a well-written piece that was published in the Wall Street Journal regarding the success of the troop surge in Iraq. Lieberman is co-chair of McCain’s Connecticut campaign along with US Representative Christopher Shays (R-Connecticut).

At this point in the election process, it is important, in my opinion, for conservatives to support the Republican Party, including the candidate for President. I support McCain in this election, while I will still continue to …

Veto is Solid on Torture Bill

House Republicans made the right choice today when they helped hold the line on Bush’s veto of the bill intended to ban waterboarding.

Democrats are resting on the wrong principle here in trying to protect the rights of terrorists. They are convinced they are on the side of protecting everyone in an effort to do the right thing.

Or, they are simply trying to use this issue as a means to gain public sympathy in hopes of seating a Democrat in the Oval Office again. And to keep their own seats in Congress.

At the same time, we have a very real issue to continue to monitor when it comes to the rights of innocent Americans. And it’s not just an issue of whether we …

Come Clean, Clemens

I’m trying to avoid the whole Baseball/Steroids thing.  As Listener stated recently, I don’t know if Congress needs to insert itself so deeply into this… seems like they have better things to be doing with their time and our money.

That said, Roger Clemens seems to be putting himself into a corner, and if he really did the drugs, he needs to just come out and say so for the sake of the game (and to get the Senate focused on other business… oh wait, hmmm, not sure now).  Seriously, the longer we have to suffer through this, the more baseball gets a bad name, and kids lose their respect for the players and the game.

More importantly, the Baseball Owners and Players need to …

The House Moved Fast!

That economic stimulus package (mentioned here just a couple of hours ago) got turned around quick in the House!  Looks like we’ll be seeing some cash.  I just want to know when they want it back.

Daniel Gross at Newsweek doesn’t think it will work.  He’s got some great background referenced, including American Century Investment survey that shows only about 27% of Americans plan to spend this money.

There was at least one sane sounding voice in Congress:

“We have to remember that every dollar being spent on the stimulus package is being borrowed from our children. And our children’s children,” said Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., who voted against the bill.

There’s gotta be a better way.

Hat Tip to MSNBC and KCCI-TV.…

The State of the Union – No Response

I’m going to keep it simple.  Bush did a great job.  Clear well thought-out plans to address a number of our country’s current issues.  I’m sorry, and I know they’re paid to be Democrats and all, but do the Democrats had to act like they were just barely putting up with his presence?  Hillary looked like she was miserable.  Obama looked thoughtful (kind of like how Kennedy looked, except Ted looked like he was thinking about gas).   My opinion is that Congress needs to work with Bush on the recommendations he made for education, health care, military funding, elimination of earmarks, and holding down taxes.

What I really don’t get is, why the pathetic Democratic response?  Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas, had nothing concrete to …

Without Fred, What’s Next?

I’ve already read a number of strong and thought provoking comments around various blogs as people have anticipated (prior to yesterday’s announcement) and reacted to Fred’s departure from the race. There is significant support for Fred’s message, disappointment (and some outrage) over his announcement, and frustration that the remaining lot of Republican candidates leave much to be desired. What is a conservative voter to do?

Some have suggested other candidates. Those that would be happy to have anyone other than Hillary or Obama in office lean heavily toward one of the front runners, who I think are in the position they are in because of one of three things:

  1. Their elect-ability (I despise this reason)
  2. Their message appeals to many who are toward the middle

$145 Billion… for YOU!

From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — President Bush called Friday for roughly $145 billion in tax relief for individuals and businesses that he said would “provide a shot in the arm” for the economy, while Congressional Democrats, in a rare show of Washington bipartisanship, pledged to work with him to enact a plan quickly.

At first blush, this sounds like a good idea, and I’m supportive for the moment… I’m a little concerned about the fact the Democrats are agreeing.

My thinking is that we probably need something to help encourage consumers to buy some of the discretionary items that help our well-rounded business economy stay in business. So that businesses don’t fail. So that stock prices don’t do a swan dive. Again, …

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