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Obama Cancels Iowa Trip

From KCCI-TV’s Web Site:

DES MOINES, Iowa — Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama is canceling a scheduled trip to Cedar Rapids.

Obama had planned to hold an economic forum on Wednesday morning. The stop was part of a two-week economic tour.

Obama’s campaign said the visit is being canceled so that no resources are diverted from flood relief efforts throughout the state.

Obama’s campaign said it spoke to members of Gov. Chet Culver’s staff before making the decision to cancel the event.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.  A good follow-up might be “Obama is considering a visit to flooded areas of Iowa”.  A good opportunity to start connecting emotionally with the community like Bill Clinton did in 1993.


The Democrats Are In Disarray

This had been a disconcerting election year so far, and certainly we still have a long road ahead, but the state of the Democratic Party, and the latest Gallup Poll, are giving me reason to smile today.

Democrats really don’t know what they want any longer.  They’ve found themselves stuck with either a chronic liar, or worse yet, a huge unknown.

Hillary has now found herself in the position where many party leaders are finding it difficult to back her up on her “misstatement” about running from sniper fire while visiting Bosnia as First Lady (Peggy Noonan has a great assessment of Clinton’s current political state of affairs).  It’s interesting to watch the party suddenly stare in shell-shocked disbelief.

And although Obama is …

Decline of Unions – Update

In a prior article, I had addressed concerns regarding Iowa Senate File 413, a bill to provide for Fair Share agreements in collective bargaining negotiations for public employees.  I had understood this was the bill that was planned on being debated Monday of this week.  As it turns out, this bill was assigned to committee at the end of the 2007 session period, and has not been brought to the floor of the Senate yet this year. 

The bill that was actually being considered was House File 2645.  Fair Share is NOT part of this bill, but part of the confusion I experienced was due to some statements made by Representative Christopher Rants (R-Sioux City) who interpreted some of the amendments put on the …

What Is America Doing Right?

This morning was the annual Iowa Prayer Breakfast.  I was invited by a friend of mine this year, and having never attended before I was interested in seeing what really transpired there.

It turned out to be a good opportunity to reconnect with a few people, wonderful music provide by Faith Baptist Bible College Chorale, excellent food and a decent, though somewhat tempered agenda including some prayer, a couple of brief speeches, and an interesting keynote by David Noebel.

I suspect that attendance in general, and specifically by some more prominent Iowans who were conspicuous by their absence, including Goveror Chet Culver, and the entire Iowa Delegation to the US Congress with the exception of Leonard Boswell.  I may not agree with Boswell’s politics, …

The Answer is “No”, Chet

Not only is Culver desperate to find more money to spend in Iowa, he wants the Federal Government to help him out.  In a Reuters story Monday about states looking for a second economic stimulus package:

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver, …, said his state has 50 or more infrastructure projects the state could begin working on in 30 to 90 days, if only the federal government would provide matching funds.

I can just see it now “we will SAVE MILLIONS of dollars if we spend it now because the Feds are gonna match it!”.  Sorry, that won’t fool me.

Chet, you know we’re a little tight right now.  Here in Iowa and throughout the country.  Let’s be smart and just say “no”.

He won’t listen.…

Iowa Budget Is Trouble

iowa-state-map.jpgI am fortunate enough to live in District 60 of the Iowa House of Representatives, represented by Libby Jacobs, whom I have tremendous respect for. And who is a Conservative Republican.

Libby provides a Legislative Update (as do some other representatives) in the Des Moines Register’s “West Des Moines” section. This week she provided some excellent insights into the Governor’s Budget. Central to her presentation is the State Auditor’s (David Vaudt) Review of the budget recommendations.

According to Vaudt, the governor’s budget “maxes out” Iowa’s charge cards by draining the funds used for the past several years to balance the budget. These funds include the Senior Living Trust Fund, various tobacco-related funds, and the Property Tax Credit Fund. He noted that it is ironic that

Iowa: Good News and Bad News On Bottles

Good news: The Iowa General Assembly has decided that the “new” bottle bill tax proposed by Iowa Governor Chet Culver (see earlier story) is dead for 2008.Coke Bottles As you would probably think, I’m pleased. It’s not clear if the reason for the timely demise is that there’s too much confusion, the idea needs more work than the Legislature can handle during it’s 100-day session (Iowa’s General Assembly meets until April 22, or at least per diem expenses cease to be paid at that point), public sentiment has been strong enough to kill it, the grocery lobby bought enough lunches, or it’s just a stupid idea.

I’m convinced that there is room to discuss expanding the program to include water and juice bottles, although …

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