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60-Minutes Sets A Record…

… for the most boring interview in history.  Last night felt more like 3600 seconds.  For those of you that missed it (lucky you), it was the big “first interview of the 44th President Elect of the United Stated”.  Steve Kroft, one-on-one with Obama for half the show, Michelle included in the second half (with a little time for Rooney).

Softball questions by Kroft… oh, wait a minute, he did press Obama mightily to reveal yet unannounced cabinet position appointments.  Darn, Barack refused to slip up on that!

Why oh why do we care about Obama’s position on college football playoffs?

Very little of what was discussed from a policy standpoint was any different than what we’ve heard on the campaign OR Obama just didn’t …

McCain Will Suspend Campaign, Requests Postponing Debate

John McCain today announced he is suspending his campaign while he works in Congress to resolve the current economic crisis.  He also asked that the debate scheduled for this Friday night be postponed.

Here are John’s remarks made today in New York City (courtesy of the McCain-Palin campaign):

America this week faces an historic crisis in our financial system. We must pass legislation to address this crisis. If we do not, credit will dry up, with devastating consequences for our economy. People will no longer be able to buy homes and their life savings will be at stake. Businesses will not have enough money to pay their employees. If we do not act, ever[y] corner of our country will be impacted. We cannot allow this

CBS And Couric May Split

CBS And Couric SplitIt troubles me to think that CBS may have dug so low for news sources that they may have been trolling at The Conservative Reader this week and took my comments about the Evening News to heart.

It seems that there is likely to be a parting of ways for Couric and CBS sometime after the Presidential Inaugural in 2009.  What is surprising is that CBS would continue to keep the low ratings they have experienced since shortly after the beginning of Couric’s tenure… reportedly, significantly below Bob Shieffer’s ratings while he acted as interim anchor after Dan Rather left the show.  An organization like CBS should be working aggressively, in my opinion, to shore up ratings even if it means taking drastic measures.  Including …


Stupid is… Easy!

It is so easy, especially when you aren’t tightly scripted, to say things that just don’t come out the way you mean them to.

  • John McCain: When asked what will happen if he can’t convince the American public that the war in Iraq is succeeding, he said “Then I lose.” I don’t have a problem with this answer, because it’s true. John’s mistake here, in my opinion, is attempting to retract the statement. It’s one thing to say something that pundits will have fun with, it’s another to react so dramatically so as to give the pundits not just credence on the point, but additional fire power.
  • Hillary Clinton: “Shame on you!” Very tepid and unnatural? Bring back Bill, at least he knows

The NY Times Is Wrong, Just Like CBS

I want to be sure we’re not too dismissive about this whole debacle with the New York Times piece that showed up on the web yesterday and presumably in the print edition today. Rather, let’s just look at how it compares to some things in the past.

First off, again, I’m not a big fan of John McCain. You will, however, need substantially better evidence than an indirect version of Dan Rather’s George W. Bush National Guard Letters story, which as you recall was discovered to be a fabrication.

The Dan Rather fiasco is the first major point to consider. Dan had what appeared to be incontrovertible evidence of manipulation by the Bush family to keep George W. out of trouble, and the whole affair …

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