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… for the most boring interview in history.  Last night felt more like 3600 seconds.  For those of you that missed it (lucky you), it was the big “first interview of the 44th President Elect of the United Stated”.  Steve Kroft, one-on-one with Obama for half the show, Michelle included in the second half (with a little time for Rooney).

Softball questions by Kroft… oh, wait a minute, he did press Obama mightily to reveal yet unannounced cabinet position appointments.  Darn, Barack refused to slip up on that!

Why oh why do we care about Obama’s position on college football playoffs?

Very little of what was discussed from a policy standpoint was any different than what we’ve heard on the campaign OR Obama just didn’t provide a real answer.  Auto industry?  Let’s see what happens.  Gitmo?  Shut it down… and as a commenter at James Hibberd’s The Live Feed said, no follow-up from Kroft on an obvious question: what to do with the prisoners?

Economy: do whatever it takes.  I’m getting tired of hearing that.  We’ve been doing that the whole time with little success.  Capture or kill bin Laden.  Woo-hoo!

Sorry, but in the rush to be the first to interview Obama, CBS ended up with a ho-hum job, and really we couldn’t expect much else.  Obama isn’t going to risk saying anything incredibly controversial because HE’S NOT THE PRESIDENT ELECT YET.  That’s still a month away, and those electors can change their minds if Obama suddenly starts being the character that many on the right (perhaps without or with grounds) are afraid he will be after January 20. 

I doubt also that he will ever show any extremism that he might believe in.  That doesn’t mean that we aren’t going down a heavily left leaning path, but I’m not sure Bill Ayers will be having dinner in the White House anytime soon either.

I could be wrong.

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Oh yeah, 60-Minutes also set a viewship record.  So they probably also managed to make a positive impact on global warming… people sleeping don’t create as much carbon as when they are awake.

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Sorry we’ve been silent the past few days, we’ve had a bit of a family matter that has required my undivided attention.

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