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As we continue our inexorable national slide into socialism, as our freedoms begin to slowly, but surely, be taken away, I have made the following observations (while I still can).

President Obama promised the following during the 2008 Presidential campaign:

  • Fiscal responsibility/no new earmarks.  Apparently someone has forgotten to tell him about the 8,500 earmarks in the current omnibus spending bill and the projected $1.9 trillion (that’s trillion with a “t”) budget deficit.
  • Bi-partisanship.  I’m not sure what that looks like, but I’m sure the Republicans don’t feel like anyone is listening to them and addressing their concerns right now (other than Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins).
  • Economic growth.  After less than two months in office, my retirement plan can’t take much more

Our First Baby: TCR Iowa!

We’ve finally given birth to our first regional site “The Conservative Reader: Iowa“.  Henceforth, the site you are currently reading will be focused on international and national topics, and stories that are specifically tied to regional topics will appear in an appropriate regional site.

We expect that there may be times when a regional story will warrant national focus, and as such we may promote the story either by reference or by elevating it to the national site.  For instance, if a story related to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojavich’s improprieties in selecting a Senator to replace Obama were to appear in an Illinois TCR site (we don’t have one yet), it would likely get placement on the national site, or at least promotion …

Same Look, New Location For TCR

We have been taking months to schedule a move to our permanent internet domain. We delayed the work to ensure that we didn’t create an unnecessary outage during time leading up to the election last year. Now that the excitement is past and the dirty work and belly-aching is behind us, this looks like a good time to make the transition.

So, effective today, we are now located at ““.  If you have us bookmarked, you will want to change the bookmark to this new location.  We will maintain redirecting capabilities from the old site to the new one so that your links don’t break right away, but don’t count on that being there forever.

If you are an rss or email subscriber, …

A Shot At Defining Conservatism

We are thinking heavily here about how to present a systematic approach to understanding what we call “Conservatism”.  Just this week, a fellow Iowa blogger Albert Bregar penned his thoughts at Red County Polk County and Iowa Defense Alliance.

Albert provides an excellent start with a view to how many of us think about defining the way conservatives see the world today (okay, such a view would include “Ronald Reagan came back for more”).  We will certainly start looking around blogdom and start collecting a list of such statements as “Smaller Government” and build them into a resource. 

But in stating the conservative view of today’s world, we do limit ourselves to more of a statement of “how does conservative thinking apply to today’s …

Recent Milestones at TCR

Not that it’s that big of a deal, but we hit 10,000 visitors sometime in early October… it took 11 months to hit that milestone.  Today, we hit 15,000 visitors.  5,000 in the past month.  I can’t imagine what would cause so much interest in our site this past month.

We also in the latter part of October posted our 500th article.  We think that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and hope to see significant growth as we develop The Conservative Reader over the next year.

In noting these milestones, I just want to thank the writing team for TCR: Thomas Laryea, DJ Durant, Dr. Bob Stouffer, Renea Smith, and BitHead.  You have done a marvelous job this year, and I’m looking forward to …

Blogging Matters: BlogRush Has Shut Down

BlogRush, a free service that provided a means to network out blog postings to other sites with similar topics, has shut down.

John Reese started the service to helps sites like ours get more traffic.  Although we certainly did see a small increase in traffic, our interest in the service here at TCR was in providing easy access for our readers to other resources on the internet that spoke to political topics.

While we certainly have other channels that provide access to the world of political debate, we’re disappointed to see John shut down BlogRush.  He did not make any money at it, and wasn’t focused on that as much as providing a quality service.  Evidently, the reasons for shutting down the service (found …


Debate Reax: Closing the Sale… Or Not.

This article is cross-posted from BitsBlog.

Here’s a transcript of last night’s debate.

If I get time, there’s a number of points I’d like to break out of it.  But for now, a quick overview of who won and who lost.

If there’s one thing that the blogging Democrats and their pre-written declarations of an Obama victory in the debate last night proves, it is that BS is a renewable resource. Last night, the left side of the spin floor similarly had nothing but the same tired nonsense we’ve seen this entire cycle.

In their overblown (and largely pre-written) declarations of victory, intended to change voter perceptions of what they saw and heard, they ignore the entire “Joe the Plumber” meme, which I consider …

Live Blogging The Vice Presidential Debate

We’ll be starting right at 9:00 PM Eastern.  We look forward to your participation!

I’m going to have to switch to using the comments section. I don’t know what the issue is but CoveritLive is apparently having issues tonight. Please feel free to leave comments as you think of things to share.…

VP Debate Preview

We do plan to live blog tonight’s debate, so gather around tonight around 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

I suspect tonight may be more influential to the election than last Friday’s debate between McCain and Obama.  And hinges mostly on how well Palin looks.  If Palin performs poorly, Biden could just stand there and smile and win the debate.  If Palin does well, or even okay, that could seriously swing things the other way.

From all the media discussion, it sounds like Biden will likely keep the gloves on and treat Palin with respect.  The thinking is that he will avoid any reference to her gender in a disparaging way (probably a good idea) and will even give her room to make mistakes without pouncing on …

Back Tomorrow…

Sorry, having computer issues and won’t get Part 2 of the Debate to you until Monday.  Look forward to an initial assessment of the Bailout Bill.  And a review of the new movie “Fireproof” that just opened this weekend.…

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