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Resign Yourself to This #1

Not surprisingly, Eliot Spitzer did resign today as Governor of New York, ,effective Monday. There is lots and lots of pundit commentary on this today (see Memeorandum). I’m sorry for his family, and I’m glad he did the right thing.

A coworker of mine made a good observation. He said, it seems as time goes on, we are becoming more and more intolerant of bad behavior. Not that it should be okay to engage in illicit sexual activity, but there was a time when bad behavior on the part of politicians was treated with more of a “boys will be boys” kind of mentality. His question to me today was, “What’s changed since Bill Clinton?”, alluding to the fact that Clinton brazenly behaved very badly …

Stupid is… Easy!

It is so easy, especially when you aren’t tightly scripted, to say things that just don’t come out the way you mean them to.

  • John McCain: When asked what will happen if he can’t convince the American public that the war in Iraq is succeeding, he said “Then I lose.” I don’t have a problem with this answer, because it’s true. John’s mistake here, in my opinion, is attempting to retract the statement. It’s one thing to say something that pundits will have fun with, it’s another to react so dramatically so as to give the pundits not just credence on the point, but additional fire power.
  • Hillary Clinton: “Shame on you!” Very tepid and unnatural? Bring back Bill, at least he knows

The NY Times Is Wrong, Just Like CBS

I want to be sure we’re not too dismissive about this whole debacle with the New York Times piece that showed up on the web yesterday and presumably in the print edition today. Rather, let’s just look at how it compares to some things in the past.

First off, again, I’m not a big fan of John McCain. You will, however, need substantially better evidence than an indirect version of Dan Rather’s George W. Bush National Guard Letters story, which as you recall was discovered to be a fabrication.

The Dan Rather fiasco is the first major point to consider. Dan had what appeared to be incontrovertible evidence of manipulation by the Bush family to keep George W. out of trouble, and the whole affair …

Conservatives Have Ideas, So Let’s Hear Them!

I make no bones about it: I’m a Conservative and a Republican.  If I ever think think the Party is a lost cause, I could abandon it, but current circumstances don’t put me there.  Not even close.

I read with some appreciation Cal Thomas’ column on this subject last week.  His comments regarding the romanticism of Reagan Conservatism is right on.  More importantly, he hit the key thought that I’d like to shout from the housetops:

Contemporary conservatism has mostly been about saying “no” to the liberal agenda. Suppose conservatives instead begin to circumvent liberals by applying better ideas to achieve ends liberals and conservatives claim to seek?

Don’t get me wrong… there have been some ideas floated around, but the fact is that there …

It’s an Obama Rout!

South Carolina has spoken, and Hillary has taken yet another set of lumps. You can see the most current delegate leaderboard (courtesy of MSNBC) in the sidebar.

From Fox News:

Barack Obama crushed top rival Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina Democratic primary Saturday, in a decisive victory that could reinvigorate his campaign after suffering back-to-back losses to the New York senator.

Clinton came in a distant second behind Obama and John Edwards took another third place slot. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Obama had 55 percent, Clinton had 27 percent and Edwards had 18 percent.

The Palmetto State primary was the last vote for Democrats before Super Tuesday Feb. 5, when 24 states hold primaries and caucuses for both parties. Obama, who

Hillary’s Gonna Get Away With It

I’m just a bit annoyed and disappointed this morning.  I’ve been plugging around the blog-s-phere hoping to see some good solid belly-aching about what Clinton is trying to get away with, and all I’m finding (probably 95% — of the comments, not the blog articles) is discussion about how maybe we should take a look at this, maybe Hillary’s right, maybe the DNC made a mistake and we need to correct it by going along with Hillary.  Where is the outrage?  Why aren’t we all incensed by this?   At the PoliGazette, Dan Pawson hit it out of the park in his article titled Cheater, which he closes with:

Anyone really up for four years of this deceit?

So, I read through the comments, …

Hillary Clinton Presents: Ultimate Cheating

Here’s what you do. Have a contest where everyone buys a lottery ticket and then you have one chosen from all the tickets, and the ticket purchaser gets a big prize! That’s great right? Now here’s a cool idea, tell everyone that the contest is canceled, but you go ahead and buy a ticket “just to be nice”. Then, you say “Um, since a ticket was bought, we should have the drawing!” Then, you get the prize! Great plan, right?

No? What’s wrong with that?

Oh yeah, it’s stupid. No, not stupid, it’s cheating. No, worse than that, it’s pandemoronapathetic! (It’s a new word that means “a lot of people were incredibly stupid, knew it, and didn’t care”). And it’s exactly what Hillary Clinton is …

Making Capitalism Work for the Poor

I’ve had little time or space thus far for this topic, not because it lacks importance, but because I can only write so much.  Today I’d like to seriously look at something that many people are reacting to with cynicism, humor, and contempt because of the person at the center of the topic, and as a result are missing what I think is a critical opportunity and a valuable idea.

Bill Gates (yes, you know Bill… I have referenced his company in slightly disparaging terms in the past, but only slightly) made the front page of the Wall Street Journal today, not because of some new innovation in the Windows Operating System, or a major security hole in Internet Explorer, or even as part of …

Dynastic Thoughts

Well, Billy Boy got a good question, referenced in The Trail:

Moments later, Clinton — his voice hoarse, sometimes cracking — took arguably the toughest question of the night, courtesy of a tall, blond 19-year old freshman wearing a bright red sweater. “My main concern is, if Hillary were elected, it would create a dynastification of American politics. Bush, Clinton, Bush. What do you think?” asked Sebastian Ramirez, standing less than a hundred feet from the former president.

Clinton responded, to rolling laughter across the room, “I’m not responsible for the 12 years that the American people gave to the Bushes.” He continued: “I actually tried to talk Hillary into leaving me when we were in law school, that’s the God’s truth. I told

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