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Ah, it’s back to one of my favorite pastimes…blogging for the Conservative Reader.  Since my last installment, several interesting things have happened:


For whatever reason, Senator Clinton refuses to concede the nomination.  Either she and Bill cannot conceive of the fact that reasonable people would not choose them to be their standard-bearer, or somehow, some way, she’s convinced that Senator Obama will self-destruct.  Newsflash for Hillary:  If Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s complete inability to state categorically how he’s going to “restore hope” to America hasn’t derailed the Obama train, nothing will.  Besides, the Clintons, despite their personal drama, are boring.

Second, Kimberly Strassel has a great op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal.  I could give the synopsis here, but I’d rather you read it for yourselves.  She’s much more thoughtful and entertaining in her presentation of the issues than I am.


It turns out the economy isn’t in recession after all, at least as the term “recession” is commonly defined–negative economic growth.  It wasn’t that long ago that the conventional wisdom was that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was bungling the job.  I wonder how critical people will be of him if we manage to avert economic catastrophe despite all of the serious issues he has faced, which I might add, were not of his own doing.  I say:  “Give the man a gold star”.


Who would’ve thought the two most exciting and underrated teams were both in Florida.  At the end of spring training, the Detroit Tigers were the odds-on favorite to go wire-to-wire.  Hmmm, I guess you actually need pitching after all, which both the Marlins and the Rays have in abundance.  Young pitching too.

Now, it’s only the middle of May, and the Tigers, with all that offense, are likely to be there in September, but in the meantime, it’s fun to see conventional wisdom, once again, missing it.  Now, if we could only get them to see Barack Obama objectively…

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