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Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State?

That’s what Ben Smith is reporting, yesterday morning:

Andrea Mitchell reported this evening that Obama is considering Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, something that’s been buzzed about as a possibility for a few days.

I haven’t been able to confirm it, and neither Obama nor Clinton camps would comment, though NBC apparently has confirmation that she went to Chicago today.

One interesting item: Clinton aides are not knocking the report down, which they might.

Since Ben wrote that, apparently, there are confirmations are coming from a number of sources, including the Washington Post:

There’s increasing chatter in political circles that the Obama camp is not overly happy with the usual suspects for secretary of state these days and that the field might be expanding

October 29, 2008: Most Anticipated Event Was…

…the Sister Toldjah Review of the Barack Obama Infomercial!  The best part is, she absolutely nailed it with this:

He lost me at hello.

So what did the big Obama Event have in common with most other 30 minute infomercials?

  • They snag you with a promise of something irresistable
  • They convince you that it’s possible by providing “real people” to either explain it or testify to it’s value
  • They play soothing music intended to make you feel good about what you’re watching
  • Oh yeah, best part, they lie

The only big difference between most infomercials and this one was the big live event staged at an arena in Florida (coincidentally a state that is now at risk for BO).  Oh, wait a minute, I’ve seen …

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