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…the Sister Toldjah Review of the Barack Obama Infomercial!  The best part is, she absolutely nailed it with this:

He lost me at hello.

So what did the big Obama Event have in common with most other 30 minute infomercials?

  • They snag you with a promise of something irresistable
  • They convince you that it’s possible by providing “real people” to either explain it or testify to it’s value
  • They play soothing music intended to make you feel good about what you’re watching
  • Oh yeah, best part, they lie

The only big difference between most infomercials and this one was the big live event staged at an arena in Florida (coincidentally a state that is now at risk for BO).  Oh, wait a minute, I’ve seen that done before too… not the arena thing, but the live studio audience thing.

If nothing else, this election will end up as a huge case study for classrooms for years to come in analyzing the effectiveness of the most blatant dramatic marketing effort for an election, and will probably influence the world of political campaigns from this day forward.

On question: does the Obama product come with a free set of steak knives?

See the entire infomercial at Ben Smith’s blog.

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