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Observations on a New Year

Here we are!  2009!  What can we say?

2008 is gone and I think we’re all grateful for that.  Republicans had their hats handed to them, although Conservatives fared pretty well.  And there’s the difference.  Moderate Republicanism is indistinguishable from the Democrats.  If Republicans want to regain their stature in Washington and the state houses across America, they need to do it at the grass roots level and they need to return to Conservative values.  Barack Obama is the President-elect not because of his microscopic resume, or because of the political cesspool he climbed out of, or the message of change and hope, because he represents neither.  He won the national election because the Republican candidate was a moderate with a poorly-crafted message, and so …

We Interrupt This Election To Congratulate Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Phillies just clinched (with one game remaining) the Eastern Division after beating the Washington Nationals 4-3.  The New York Mets (as some of you know) is the team I follow, and although they won today, the Phillies had to lose both of their last two games for the Mets to tie them (if the Mets won both of their last two game) and force a tie-breaker game for the East Division.

The Mets are still in the running for the wild card.  Milwaukee fell to Chicago 3-7, and that ties up the wild card race between Milwaukee and New York.  As long as New York wins Sunday’s final game against Florida, the worst they would have is a post-season tie-breaking game for the …


Instant Replay in Baseball: Give Me a GOOD Reason

There are a number of sports that you can still listen to on the radio and know exactly what’s going on.

There are a number of sports that are so fast paced that TV is the only way to watch, and the plays are so hard to follow even for officials, that “photo finish” or “instant replay” technologies have been incorporated into the professional versions of the sports to ensure fairness.

That is, except for Baseball.

Until now.

I don’t like to bore people with all of my pass-times, but I love watching a good baseball game.  One of my favorite things about baseball is the fully engaged human element.  4 officials on the field, with final authority on any call (although there are some …

Various Observations and Musings

Ah, it’s back to one of my favorite pastimes…blogging for the Conservative Reader.  Since my last installment, several interesting things have happened:


For whatever reason, Senator Clinton refuses to concede the nomination.  Either she and Bill cannot conceive of the fact that reasonable people would not choose them to be their standard-bearer, or somehow, some way, she’s convinced that Senator Obama will self-destruct.  Newsflash for Hillary:  If Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s complete inability to state categorically how he’s going to “restore hope” to America hasn’t derailed the Obama train, nothing will.  Besides, the Clintons, despite their personal drama, are boring.

Second, Kimberly Strassel has a great op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal.  I could give the synopsis here, but I’d rather you …

Republicans Try To Make Things Right – Not So Much

What a day. I’m sorry, but politically, not one that I’m proud of:

1) Alphonso Jackson resigns as HUD secretary (effective April 18). Few doubt there is something to allegations of favoritism. See my previous posting on the temptations of power.

2) Henry Paulson presents a plan to overhaul the Fed that is not well received. Criticisms run all over the map. My criticism remains simple: the Government cannot save everyone from their mistakes. This looks like the beginning of the end of free markets to me. I need to review the content before I make any more detailed assessments, however, you should watch your wallet and your Constitution. It’s perhaps positive that Paulson recognizes that this kind of change cannot happen quickly, but the …

Baseball and Tradition

I’m not so old to remember the days when the baseball season began in April.  When I was a kid, I used to look forward to Opening Day so much I couldn’t sleep the night before.  I still look forward to it, but that was back when “juice” was something you got out of a carton in fridge; when pitchers could throw inside and not be tossed, when the Braves were perennial doormats, and the Cubs, well nothing has changed for the Cubs.

Back in the Good Ol’ Days, the Reds opened the season at Riverfront Stadium.  In April.  No other team opened before them.  Now, the Red Sox and the A’s open in Japan.  The Braves and the Nationals will play Sunday night and …


Come Clean, Clemens

I’m trying to avoid the whole Baseball/Steroids thing.  As Listener stated recently, I don’t know if Congress needs to insert itself so deeply into this… seems like they have better things to be doing with their time and our money.

That said, Roger Clemens seems to be putting himself into a corner, and if he really did the drugs, he needs to just come out and say so for the sake of the game (and to get the Senate focused on other business… oh wait, hmmm, not sure now).  Seriously, the longer we have to suffer through this, the more baseball gets a bad name, and kids lose their respect for the players and the game.

More importantly, the Baseball Owners and Players need to …

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