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… It Keeps Going, And Going, And Going …

The downward pressure on the price of oil continues, although not as strong as the past few trading days.  At the end of the day, it was $117 (down $.22 from yesterday).  Oh, and the Dow was up 40 points.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich showed up today at the Capital to show support for the GOP Protest.  During his time in front of the cameras, he said that Republicans may consider shutting down the government by not allowing action on government spending bills required to replace the ones expireing on September 30.  This was done during his tenure as Speaker in 1995 and 1996… and blew up in Newt’s face.  I don’t think this is a particularly healthy maneuver for Republicans to make if they want …

Slip Slidin’ Away…

…the price of oil that is.  Down another few dollars to $117.22.  In the last few weeks, the price has dropped $30/bbl, or 20%.  I’m convinced it’s because Republicans and the nation’s PEOPLE are up in arms and pressing the majority party to do the right thing… just pressing the case for domestic drilling, in a dramatic symbolic coup, is of such substance to those watching… everyone watching is anticipating that Pelosi will give in, or have to deal with an all-out party rebellion.  Those Democrats that are up for reelection in November should be getting pretty nervous, and hopefully their constituents are letting them have it while they spend August campaigning.

While Democrats are enjoying themselves or campaigning (or both) at home, Republicans

US House Republicans Stand Up for a Second Day

I don’t always like some of the things that Steve King says (I think he may have good motives, but perhaps suffers from Bushitis), but I was glad to see he was still in Washington DC along with a number of other House Republicans to continue protesting the No Vote Vacation.  Here are King’s comments today:

“We produce more renewable energy in our district than in any of the 434 other districts. In our land, we know about energy. Not Pe-la-la-losi-land! Here, we know what we’re talking about.”

[Puts up a huge poster of Pelosi] : “This is her dilemma: ‘I am trying to save the planet, I am trying to save the planet!’ She wants the planet restored to some imagined state of

Gasoline idiocy from the left

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John Cole is miffed at Obama for suggesting that the solution for oil supply problems is to find more. Apparently to Cole, that’s not painful enough for us.

Look, I know that there are people who are suffering because of high gas prices. I’m one of them, although I know that, like many of you, I can probably afford the prices more than a lot of people. My problem with this is that I think democrats should be solidly be on the side of finding alternative energy. Rising gas prices have made a difference. I’ve noticed a lot more people riding MARTA in Atlanta – a LOT more. I’d be willing to bet many of these people were like me, before

Exxon Just Can’t Win

Exxon Mobil Corporation reported record earnings today, a record for any major corporation, but still came up short.  Earning 2.27 per share was still 10% below market expectations.  So, Exxon stock took a 4.7% slide.

Not really a big deal, since the close today was just slightly below Wednesday’s open… you see, Wednesday was when everyone rushed in to buy Exxon stock in hopes of a better report today.  If you discount that silly run up, the stock price really stayed where it’s been for a while.

Exxon made a ton of money off of the run up on oil prices… the largest revenue area (for most oil companies) being their own gas and oil exploration units.  They certainly don’t make as much on …

Oil Prices Back Up a Bit

“Everyone knows…” are words I’m getting tired of hearing.  It is a subtle form of manipulation by forcing one to either immediately agree or disagree and by disagreeing become an outsider.  Katie Couric this evening says “The world’s oil problems all come down to the laws of supply and demand”.  Careful here.   On the face of it, the statement says something that seems very simplistic to most people (“it’s all about current supply and current demand”), and therefore lacks credibility, and manipulates people (or attempts to) into believing that long-term solutions won’t solve our immediate price problems.  The reality is, the perceived future demand and perceived future supply are the real drivers.

If every major news anchor got up in the morning and lied to …

Why Do Oil Prices Continue To Drop?

Just when you thought you couldn’t afford to go on summer vacation, just when you thought the ONLY answer to rising gasoline prices was a “gas tax holiday“, just as various states are complaining they don’t have enough tax money collected to pay for road work, now oil prices fall to a 3 month low of 121.99 for US Crude and 122.71 for Brent Crude (at noon, central time), with no end in sight

You heard me, the analysts, the same ones that said we were likely stuck with $4-5 a gallon gasoline or higher by end of summer, are telling us that buying oil commodities is a bad deal right now, and even OPEC anticipates oil prices could fall …

It Doesn’t Take Much to Fool People

President Bush and Senator John McCain are both now promoting off-shore domestic drilling.  Hallelujah.  It took them long enough.

But it is, amazingly, going to yet be an uphill battle.  As long as Democrats continue to stand on weak, worthless principles, like “anywhere buy my backyard”, we’re going to have to fight for the things that make sense.

I’m not advocating we put ourselves into a position to cause the kinds of oil disasters that drove us away from drilling off the coasts of California and Florida… but we should have the technology now to provide the safeguards needed to prevent that.

However, in an area that has no people, no tourists, and no real value to people, Bush and McCain continue to oppose …

ANWR And Other Domestic Oil Sources

Bithead provides some great perspective on where we could have been Monday had Clinton the First not vetoed ANWR.  He includes reference to Henry Lamb at World Net Daily.

Indeed, Bit points out that by now, we’d have 20% more domestic oil in our supply, and likely much lower gas prices, and one could probably run the gamut on the various political impacts that could have had (including, as Bit notes, a strong economy at this point in time, and I would contend that we might have averted the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan).  I prefer to think that Bill lacked the crystal ball to predict the political imperatives of this time frame, including the likelihood that we’d be coming off of 8 years …

Swamp Stomper Alert: Democrats and fuel prices

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Let’s take a moment to look at the Democrat response to the President’s weekly radio address… where Energy is the issue.

Joe Donnely, Congressional Democrat is part of our energy problem, not the solution.

Good morning. This is Congressman Joe Donnelly of Indiana’s Second Congressional District. Today it is my pleasure to talk to you about a few of Congress’ recent accomplishments on an issue that I believe will help define the future of our nation: energy independence and energy security. Like many Americans across the nation, the people of northern Indiana have felt the negative effects of an energy policy that favored big oil companies

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