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Sad to see, but true.  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is appearing on a web site to promote “EcoDriving“.  Among his comments are that we should do…

Simple things such as maintaining proper tire pressure and avoiding rapid starts and stops, and keeping your engine tuned.

Gag me.  He preceeds the above comments with the standard liberal line that moving forward with implementing “biofuels, offshore drilling and nuclear power” will have no immediate impact on gasoline prices.

I’ve known for a while now that Arnold has tended to lean to the liberal way of thinking.  Now he’s reading the Democratic Party talking points.

And the talking points continue to deliver the biggest lie of all:

Americans aren’t doing what they should be doing to keep fuel consumption down.

When I hear lines like “If every American would just do these things…”, the supposed improvements seem to make the assumption that every American is failing to do these things.  That’s just stupid and disingenuous.

We’re not a country of morons.  Stop treating us like we are.

Drill here.  NOW.

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