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The Learning Curve

Last week I opined that our Rookie President and his administration were in over their heads–that basically they were, in effect, clueless.  Last week end President Obama apparently agreed with me, suggesting that distributing the alleged stimulus was not as effective as he had originally projected and there was a significant learning curve associated with economic policies.  Really?  He also told us that we must pass the stimulus packages in order to keep unemployment rates around 8%. 

Memo to President Junior:  It doesn’t matter if you release the stimulus money or not, because the specific targets of the stimulus will not stimulate effectively.  In order to stimulate the economy, you must LOWER TAXES.  How long will it take you to learn this lesson?  Of course, …

Twitter Ready At TCR!

Effective immediately, you can follow The Conservative Reader on Twitter.  Go to:, and click “Follow”.  If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you’ll need to open one first.…

2008 Election Thoughts

I’m tired of everyone dumping on George Bush.  I’m the first to admit that he has some serious leadership deficiencies, but he is the President and won the job fair and square twice, despite what the Libs think.  As President, he deserves our respect, just like Nixon and Clinton did.  For eight years, I had to  suck it up and respect a man who molested women half his age in his office.  Nearly all the issues Bush has had to deal with are a direct result of Clinton policies and Democratic bungling, particularly as it relates to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and “mark to market” accounting standards.  (For more information, see Brian Wesbury’s column in the Wednesday, October 1,  Wall Street Journal.)  For those

Iowa State Fair – Day 1

Today was the first day of the Iowa State Fair.  I had intended to participate in the early morning event (but slept in instead) to break the record for the most corn-dogs eaten by the most people at the same time in the same place.  Sounds like it was a rip-roaring success, with over 15,000 people showing up, only 10,000 of which were able to enter the Grand Stand, and I’m not sure, but I think only about 8,400 corn-dogs were available.  We listened to the actual “Chomp!” on the radio, and it sounded like a lot of fun!

All 15,000 or so were admiteed to the fair for free.  By late this afternoon, I was still meeting people who had been there since the …

Working From The Grassroots

Tonight I attended my first Polk County (Iowa) Republican Central Committee meeting. I have never been at this level of politics (okay, 2008 continues to be a year of firsts for me in local politics), and it was more interesting than I expected.

I won’t get into a lot of details about the meeting, except that it was half speeches (which was good, actually) and half business. Fund-raising is definitely a high priority for the party, along with voter turnout.

I was impressed with the variety of people there, various ages, ethnicities, and walks of life. We definitely have a party with a cross-section of the community that takes the time to participate.

Just to clarify, the Central Committee is made up of as many …

Psychiatry And Society

When I was in college, my first major was Psychology. I was planning to become a counselor like psychologist in my high school who helped me work through some issues (sure, not all of them, but you should have seen me then). One semester was enough to tell me this was not my field. A lot of work was done to reach conclusions that just seemed too obvious to me, and although I do respect those that work in the field to serve the needs of individuals, the overarching view by some that psychology/psychiatry provides a method for improving society is tenuous in my mind.

And so today I find in one of my favorite weekly columns in the Wall Street Journal, the “Five Best” …

Supreme Court: Guns Still In Vogue

Court ScalesThank goodness, albeit another split decision, the court came through with a good decision. In DC v Heller, the court ruled in favor of gun ownership. We discussed this case back when arguments wrapped up in April. For those of you that are sure to argue that my position yesterday was that the court should have stayed away from the state’s right to legislate on the death penalty, one must understand that there are significant differences here.

One (death penalty) has to do with the meting out of punishment, which is certainly addressed in the 8th amendment.  For that reason, the court certainly has a role in ensuring that the 8th Amendment is not abrogated.  In Kennedy v Louisiana, however, the case does …

Mission Accomplished: BO eats faux presidential seal | BitsBlog

It looks like the hubbub about Obama and the fake presidential seal is over, at least for now.  I hadn’t had a chance to comment on it until today, and I was surprised not so much because the act of using this seal was essentially illegal (although we’ll probably never get a chance to have that vetted in the courts), but because it was just so immature.  There are days I wonder whether people have any proper seriousness left when it comes to things like the office of the President, or if we’ve become so accustomed to the excess of inane humor and blustering anger that we we’re unable to behave in a respectful manner any longer.

Thanks to David at BitsBlog!…

The Right Guy

I will strongly recommend that our readers to take a look at the cover story of Newsweek’s March 10 edition . It is a great story about the late Mr. William F. Buckley.  You will find additional articles from various contributors also in this edition.  It will be quite an understatement to say that with the passing of Mr Right,  conservatives have lost a staunch supporter.

Those of you who have any of numerous books will attest to his tremendous talent. Here is a guy who could write a column in twenty minutes. It takes me a few days sometimes to write a post here because I allow myself to be distracted by events happening around me as I write.  For example, I had …

Econony stimulus plan in the works

A couple of days ago, I expressed concern about our nation’s economy. You will recall  from an article  I posted here I worried about our nation’s business running to foreign countries looking for more capital to prop up their companies.  Evidently, the President and Congress believe that additional help won’t hurt.

The New York Times reports on its website that a tentative deal has been reached to send much needed cash to tax payers to help alleviate the credit crunch that the majority of the population is facing. Half a loaf is better than no loaf at all so I am hoping that the majority of receipients would take this as a “hand up” and not a handout.

This national “hand up” is coming to …

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