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Obama, the Boy who Cried “Lone Wolf”

Obama, the Boy who Cried “Lone Wolf”

First appeared on BitsBlog.  – Ed.There’s an interesting trend developing in open to foreign policy, and it’s been there since the outset;  sense Obama speech in Cairo Egypt, his supposed Arab reset, Arab Spring phenomenon and so on, every single...
Obama, the Boy who Cried “Lone Wolf”

Willie Nelson and Walking Toward Gingrich

“After carefully considering the whole situation, I stand with my back to the wall. And walking is better, than running away…and crawling ain’t no good at all” Willie Nelson—Lyrics to “Walking” (1974) While not known for his astute political analysis,...
Obama, the Boy who Cried “Lone Wolf”

In Support Of Liberty

where-is-their-voteToday many are wearing green to show visible support for those in Iran who are protesting the apparently stolen election. Our web site is normally white and red... we've put on green today to stand by those who treasure liberty. It is interesting to note that while many in the US are advocating an overthrow of the current clerically over-ruled government system in Iran, reports seem to indicate that Iranians as a whole are perhaps not interested in an outright change in the system, just fairness in this election. Iran's history, especially with the United States, demands care in how our leaders address the situation. More on that later. Political ambitions in the Islamic Kingdom aside, we here at TCR support Liberty whereever she is needed, and support the call for open and fair elections in Iran. To the Iranians leadship we say, make it right!

Reforming The U.N.

John Bolton gave a speech in February where he discussed the role of the U.N., the international community’s attempt to use the United Nations to manipulate United States foreign policy, its inability to carry out appropriate reforms that its leaders have tried...

If The Government Is Defective, Can We Get Our Money Back?

You should probably expect to see the following happen in the US within the next few years. In Great Britain, a high court justice has ruled that British Human Rights laws apply to soldiers while in combat, according to a report heard on Friday’s BBC NewsPod...
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