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Contest #3 Closed with No Winner

As disappointing as it may be, we’re closing Contest #3 without a winner.

As you may recall, the question was:

Provide the textual portion of the US Constitution that describes the well-known concept of Judicial Review, which gives the Federal Judiciary the authority to determine the constitutionality of US or State laws. Then, please name the first Justice to implement Judicial Review in the United States.

John MarshallThis was a trick question, since the US Constitution does not expressly give the Judiciary Branch the power to review the constitutionality of laws. This power exists based solely on the precedent set the first time it was exercised by the Supreme Court in 1803 in the case of Marbury v. Madison. John Marshall (that’s him at the left) …

Westboro – As Phake As You Can Get

My good buddy Bithead made passing mention yesterday of yet another of Westboro’s (the “church” from Topeka Hell) planned outings, this one to Heath Ledger’s funeral.  He rightfully calls them the “slugs” they are, but then says (to Westboro):

You’re in the business, in the end, of changing minds.

Sorry, my friend, they’re not in that business at all.  And it is about hate… that is, provoking others into hating them so much that people will make the unfortunate mistake of reacting to this group’s “right” of free speech with even the smallest physical violence.  And all it takes is a shove.  Or a punch.  Or a brawl.  Any way you look at it, they intentionally put themselves in a position from which they …

So Much For the First Amendment

A Nevada judge has ordered NBC to include Kucinich in tonight’s Democratic debate. Wow. No, really, WOW. I never thought I’d see the press come under the control of the government to this extent. Regardless of what I think of Kucinich or NBC, Kucinich does have a right to run for President (although I wish he have the decency to lay down and let it go), a right to speak, but not, in my opinion, a right bully his way into a debate like this.

NBC should be able to control this type of content in any way they like. Even if it’s bad TV or bad politics.
The network has said they would appeal if the judge acted against them… should be fun day …

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