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Josh is a writer and blogger with American Citizens for Economic Freedom, a Super PAC for the Tea Party and Women’s Organizations, founded by prominent business entrepreneur, Peter M. Vessenes. Josh grew up in a middle class suburb of Minneapolis. After graduating from Iowa State University in Business Finance, he built his career in small business within the financial services industry. Josh’s small business background has helped guide his economic principles and straightforward beliefs about money and creating prosperity. When he isn’t working, Josh enjoys skiing, mountain biking, playing guitar, and motorcycle rides.

Massive Regulation Hurts Small Business

Joshua B. Lantz, True CapitalismJosh Lantz joins us today as a new writer.  He also writes for True Capitalism. – Ed.


A study done by the Small Business Administration (SBA) said that in 2010 the annual cost of Federal regulations was $1.75 trillion.[1] Our annual GDP is over $15 trillion, meaning the cost of these regulations amounts to about 11.5% of GDP.[2] That’s a lot of money. Think of the impact on our struggling economy if we were able to cut those costs in half.

Why do regulations have a cost?

When government creates a rule (regulation), they often have to hire more public sector workers to enforce it. This expands government and pulls more people out of the private sector where goods and services are produced.…

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