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A couple of days ago, I expressed concern about our nation’s economy. You will recall  from an article  I posted here I worried about our nation’s business running to foreign countries looking for more capital to prop up their companies.  Evidently, the President and Congress believe that additional help won’t hurt.

The New York Times reports on its website that a tentative deal has been reached to send much needed cash to tax payers to help alleviate the credit crunch that the majority of the population is facing. Half a loaf is better than no loaf at all so I am hoping that the majority of receipients would take this as a “hand up” and not a handout.

This national “hand up” is coming to current taxpayers and is also income-based so the more you make the less you will get. Personally, I appreciate the fact that our government is coming to the rescue of our economy. If our economy struggles, the rest of the world would follow suit.  There certainly are far-reaching consequences to our economic hiccups.

So my fellow Americans, let us accept our “hand up” in the spirit in which it is given and use it as it is intended. 

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