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Welcome Back… To This?

Well, I’m finally back in town.  I apologize for the hiatus, but it was unavoidable.

And here’s what I come back to: J Michael McKoy at 98.3 WOW-FM was fired this week.

I don’t even know what to say.

For those of you not so familiar with the air waves in Central Iowa, this station is the place we get to hear Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bob and Tom (unfortunately), Michael Savage (a bit extreme to me), Bill Handel’s Handel On The Law, Kim Komando, and Dennis Miller (past my bed-time).  We also have an AM station in the area, WHO, that carries Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, and Dr. Laura, but is predominantly made up of local talent including a very conservative …

It’s About Time the Press Asked These Questions

It’s time questions like this get asked.


Obama’s response? WFTV has been banned from further contact with the Obama campaign for asking these questions.

Given the number of bald faced lies Biden passes off, here, (As noted in the youtube clip) you can imagine why.

There’s blood in the water, folks…. It’s well past time the press started hammering Obama and Biden on this stuff.

Update (Art): In Iowa six years ago, Tom Harkin jettisoned further relationships with WHO Radio resulting from direct questions about his contradictory answers to two different groups… to one (a Catholic group) he gave an answer that sounded like he was pro-life.  To another, he presented his actual position of being pro-choice.  I’m not going to pin …

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