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GOP Convention Day 1 Preview: Bare Bones

Due to events surrounding the imminent landfall of hurricane Gustav, Monday’s Republican National Convention activities will be toned down substantially. John McCain has requested that only the minimum required activities under the Party’s rules be conducted, eliminating prime-time broadcasting… official business probably only running from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

President Bush and Vice-President Cheney will not be showing up for the convention as they stay focused on the pressing impact of the weather in the Gulf.  President Bush had been scheduled to speak on Monday night.

The New York Times story tells us:

Amid extraordinary circumstances that remain extremely uncertain, many questions remain unanswered, including whether Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin will actually appear at the convention here to accept their party’s nominations and

Done With Flood Patrol

The waters have receded in Iowa for now, and although the task is still long and hard ahead of so many Iowans, we’ve moved the links related to the flood off of the sidebar and onto a separate page.  If you select the “Other Resources” page above, one of the choices on that page will be “Floods of 2008”.  Or use this link.

We continue to pray for and support those who were impacted by the flood.  As the Iowa General Assembly comes together either later this year or during the regular 2009 session, we will cover the major decisions that face them and the impacts these decisions will have on the state of Iowa.…

Follow-up Photos from Des Moines Flooding

I’ve got two sets of photos to share.  The first are photos from around Des Moines during the peak water levels, including the Raccoon River, Des Moines River, and some creeks.

The following photos were taken along the Des Moines River on Thursday, June 19.  The river level has receded quite a bit, and yet riverside walkways are still covered at least 10 feet (the night photos show the top of the wall along the walkway just breaking the surface of the water about 15 yards from the levee).  The Pedestrian Bridge is not yet opened, and has major debris jammed into it.

The railroad bridge, which in earlier photos had sand covering the tracks, is now open.

High School Video of Receding Flood Waters

One of our local stations promotes high school student videos… here’s one of the waters receding up in Iowa Falls.


Thanks to KCCI-TV.…

Gas Tax to Pay For Flood Damage?

Legislative Leaders in Iowa are continuing to talk about a special session of the General Assembly, which makes sense. The Governor is doing a good job of expressing the need to prioritize working on the current relief effort AND establishing a solid assessment of the costs before holding a session.

The bad news is, the only option being mentioned by the media (although there are almost certainly others) is an increase in the gasoline tax. That would be a bad idea. Better to raise the sales tax than the gasoline tax. Gas prices are already creating too much of a burden for everyone… a 1% increase in the sales tax with a well planned time-limit to cover flood related needs would be more appropriate. …

Continued Flooding in Iowa – Updated Friday @ 10:00 PM

*** This Post will remain as a sticky until midday Saturday June 21. ***

We decided to put a fresh post up. The prior running post should be just below. Useful flood-related links can be found in the sidebar.

The Floods Of 2008 – Other Postings
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> Gas Tax to Pay For Flood Damage?

> Red Cross Needs Money

> Des Moines, Iowa Flooding – Updated Saturday @ 8:30 PM (Original Running Post)
> Des Moines To Lift General Evacuation at 6:00 PM

> Iowa General Assembly May Return

> Des Moines Will Evacuate Flood Plains – * Updated *

> State Political Conventions in Iowa POSTPONED!

> Interstate 80

Des Moines To Lift General Evacuation at 6:00 PM

(3:30 PM) Mayor Cownie of Des Moines has just announced that based on assessments just completed a short while ago, at 6:00 PM today, they plan to discontinue the curfew and general evacuations in the flood plain, with the exception of the Birdland area. They will also at the same time re-open the downtown bridges that have been closed most of the week. He emphasized the importance of being careful, staying away from the levees, and just watching from home.

He also stated that the situation may change if weather, levee or other river conditions change.  The public should check regularly with the media for updates.…

Iowa General Assembly May Return

Already, Democrats (including Governor Culver) are talking about the General Assembly holding a special session in response to the flooding in Iowa.

We better have a good reason to do this.  It will cost money we don’t have.  On the other hand, there may be enough need to justify the expense, but I hope there is adequate review of that ahead of time.

That said, I’m glad that the politicians are taking strong leadership in communicating that the state will do whatever is necessary to meet the needs of displaced and otherwise affected citizens of Iowa.

I have not found enough information yet on anything FEMA is doing, although I heard Governor Culver mention that some portion of the 83 counties that have been affected …

Des Moines Will Evacuate Flood Plains – * Updated *

Des Moines city officials have announced they will immediately evacuate parts of Des Moines that are in the “500 year” flood plain along both the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers.  The water levels are expected to crest along the Des Moines River Friday evening between 8:00 PM and Midnight, at or slightly below the top of the levee system.  The evacuation is voluntary and is being done as a precaution in case the water exceeds the levee capacity or in case of levee breaks.

This map depicts the affected areas.

Police are asking for residents and businesses to evacuate immediately.

Birdland (in the northern part of the city) has already been evacuated. 

** Update **

Police Chief Judy Bradshaw said major downtown employers will start

Interstate 80 In Iowa – Big Detour – ** Update Monday @ 4:00 PM **


** Attention:  Interstate 80 in eastern Iowa is NOW OPEN.  The Iowa DOT has inspected the bridge over the Cedar River and it is safe to travel on. (Updated 6/16/08 @ 4:00 PM) ** 

CORRECTION.  This is UPDATED.  The prior version was the initial detour route that was later abandoned.

Iowa DOT prepares to close Interstate 80 in eastern Iowa

AMES, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Transportation is reporting Thursday several changes regarding the closure of east- and westbound Interstate 80, as a result of the volatile flooding situation.

Iowa DetourThe Iowa DOT will now be closing Interstate 80 at milepost 266 in Cedar County at 8 p.m. Thursday night.

The Iowa DOT expects the roadway will be closed for approximately two to three

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