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What The Heck Do Voters Want Anyways?: A Rare Defense of The American Politician

“They are all weasels.” “You can’t trust any of them so why should I care?” “All they care about is getting re-elected so what’s the point?”

For generations the biggest criticism of politics, and one that drives
millions of Americans to “tune out,” is that politicians say one thing then do
another.  This is the sentiment expressed by our friends who hate politics, and we all have them, when they say various forms of the quotes listed above. The sad truth is that even for those of us who love it, it’s a point that proves hard to argue.

If the problem was this simple I would say that the solution would be equally so, but there is more at play here. The surest and …

McCain’s Big Night

Just a few minutes away from John McCain’s big speech.

It will be interesting to see how it compares to Palin’s.

David Gergen at CNN is apparently a little bit disconnected as HE stated that others were disconnected who said that Democrats were running Washington.  Gergen’s perspective is apparently that the party of the President dictates who runs Washington, as he says that “Republicans have been running Washington for the last 8 years.”  That doesn’t work for me.

Democrats have held Congress for the last 2 years.  Gergen’s comments were very misleading.

Of course, if you don’t acknowledge the power of Congress today as held by liberal Democrats, you get to ignore the fact that the severe demise of our economy has occurred while Democrats …

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