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US House Republicans Stand Up for a Second Day

I don’t always like some of the things that Steve King says (I think he may have good motives, but perhaps suffers from Bushitis), but I was glad to see he was still in Washington DC along with a number of other House Republicans to continue protesting the No Vote Vacation.  Here are King’s comments today:

“We produce more renewable energy in our district than in any of the 434 other districts. In our land, we know about energy. Not Pe-la-la-losi-land! Here, we know what we’re talking about.”

[Puts up a huge poster of Pelosi] : “This is her dilemma: ‘I am trying to save the planet, I am trying to save the planet!’ She wants the planet restored to some imagined state of

Earmarks: The Public Cares

Encouraging news in an opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal by Pat Toomey(former member of the US House and President of the Club for Growth) today.  A recent survey concludes that most voters would favor a congressional candidate that cuts spending over one that increases spending, even if it means no pork for their district. 

Some of Pat Toomey’s comments:

Unfortunately, too many politicians are refusing to listen. The vast majority of congressmen are just as wedded to bloated budgets as ever. Part of the problem is that wasteful spending is embedded in the congressional culture. Congressional freshmen are instructed by leadership to seek out earmarks and flaunt their success back home. They are indoctrinated to believe that seeking and securing earmarks —

Oil Is Not Typical Supply and Demand

More like “Over A Barrel”.  But now that we’ve taken the first step toward off-shore drilling in the US, the impact is already seen.  Because it’s really not about supply-side economics as much as perceived supply-side economics.  And now the perception is that the supply won’t be in a strangle hold any longer.

President Bush takes the first step, dropping the Presidential Ban on domestic drilling.  The pundits say “It doesn’t matter what Bush does, it will take Congress dropping their ban and approval by affected states to open up the drilling, and then 5 to 10 years before there is any impact on oil prices.”.

The current price of oil, as we should all know by now, has nothing to do with the …

FISA Finally Flies!

The US Senate voted today to approve the FISA bill, including immunity for the telecomm companies who acted at the government’s request with the understanding they were receiving and acting on legal requests.  The bill was approved after Republicans agreed to allow Democrats more judicial and congressional oversight.  And the bill passed 69-28.

Bush is, of course, expected to sign the bill.

Obama, despite voting for the bill, expects to keep an eye on this activity if elected and address any issues he sees.

Wait a minute, did I just say OBAMA VOTED FOR THE BILL???  Yup, although he voted against the immunity amendment, he voted for the bill.  And Clinton, in a show of party unity with Obama, voted against it.

Obama is …

Psychiatry And Society

When I was in college, my first major was Psychology. I was planning to become a counselor like psychologist in my high school who helped me work through some issues (sure, not all of them, but you should have seen me then). One semester was enough to tell me this was not my field. A lot of work was done to reach conclusions that just seemed too obvious to me, and although I do respect those that work in the field to serve the needs of individuals, the overarching view by some that psychology/psychiatry provides a method for improving society is tenuous in my mind.

And so today I find in one of my favorite weekly columns in the Wall Street Journal, the “Five Best” …

In Other News…

Speaking of disasters, California is 49th from the last state to allow homosexuals to marry. Lots of back and forth on this… listened to some interesting discussion on the radio this afternoon (Steve Deace on WHO-AM) regarding who’s at fault… the comments stating that the California Supreme Court was not only out of line, but acting against state constitutional restrictions, and that Arnie the Governator is complicit by enforcing the ruling instead of hauling the court up for impeachment.

Also, I managed to miss a number of things. I wanted so much to do something special for Flag Day Saturday, and missed the boat (no pun intended) completely with all the flooding news spinning around. I’ll have to wait for next year. But …

How Important Is Parenting?

I’ll admit that my experience in parenting is lame.  My 15-year-old niece spent a year in our home.  Our appreciation for parents skyrocketed within a week.

That said, I think we have significant challenges in raising a generation of people in our society that will carry on the American model of self-sufficiency, determination, competitiveness and aggressive success that created a nation and fuels the greatest society in the world.

I believe, however, that the gradual attempts of the past 100 years on the part of rich intellectual liberals to mold a less aggressive (read “pacified”) society is already crippling our ability to succeed.  A combination of Eugenics, Social Engineering, the Liberal Capture of Education, the General Rebellion on college campuses in the 60’s, “Give Peace …

What Conservatives Stand For

Thursday morning’s Wall Street Journal featured an opinion piece from Karl Rove titled “The GOP Must Stand for Something“.  The piece is well focused on the most critical battleground we face this year: Congressional seats.

In the midst of watching the melee within the Democratic Party, the scant attacks by the MSM against McCain, and the vain attempts by Ron Paul and others to disrupt the Presidential Election process, largely unfocused are we yet on the 35 Senate seats (23 currently held by Republicans) and the length and width of the House of Representatives whom we will be voting for this November.

My angst over the lack of attention to the branch of government that actually makes law in this country grows each …

How A Minority Holds Sway

I read with keen interest James Freeman’s interview with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal titled “The Power of 41 Senators”. Although being in the majority is always more effective than the minority, McConnell (along with the entire Congress) has an impressive record (I can’t believe I’m saying this about our Congress) of successfully implementing a rather conservative agenda while remaining in the minority. Why is that? As McConnell states:

“The good news is that 49 is not a bad number in a body that requires 60. The United States Senate is the only legislative body in the world where a majority is not enough.”

The reason, of course, is the Senate’s cloture rules. 60 votes are needed to force a …

Wall Street Journal – Change Is Slow

In this morning’s print edition of the WSJ, was the story that Marcus Brauchli has stepped down as Managing Editor.  Said Brauchli:

“Now that the ownership transition has taken place, I have come to believe the new owners should have a managing editor of their choosing.”

Murdoch is supposedly impatient with the time it’s taking to make the changes he wants to see.  He should have known this wasn’t going to be easy.  I still hold out hope that the editorial direction will not change dramatically since the Journal is one of the few steady beacons of market discipline in the news media.  The big signal will be whomever is chosen to replace Brauchli.…

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