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Preparing For The Debates

Friday night, September 26, will be the first formal debate between John McCain and Barack Obama.  The event will be held at the University of Mississippi, and will be hosted by Jim Lehrer.

Thankfully, Lehrer is already established enough that he won’t try to be another Tim Russert.

At this point, I think it’s helpful to resurrect the list of practical candidate questions we discussed back in May.  These questions came from a a conference that was held at the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School.  It’s worth simply revisiting the list:

  1. Can you share some examples of when you were a catalyst who brought groups with polarized opinions together so that all voices were at the table?
  2. Tell us about a

Sarah Palin: “Don’t Blink”

Sarah Palin had her first big interview (6 parts) this week since being selected as John McCain’s running mate.  Paul F. Villareal made the video’s available at YouTube.

Of course, ABC played it for as much air time as they could… including repeating sections of the interview on 20/20 last night.

Let’s see, Thursday “World News”, Thursday “Nightline”, Friday “World News”, Friday “20/20”, Friday “Nightline”.  I’m assuming the advertising dollars were substantial.  If the new season of “Lost” had started by now, they might have included bits of the interview there as well.  I suppose they still can.

I’ve watched all of them, and my impression is:

  1. Sarah showed she can handle herself just fine.
  2. Palin is ready to take and articulate her positions and

Brokaw To Broker “Meet The Press”

Tom Brokaw, NBC News stalwart and probably the last remaining real “newsman” from a generation that has struggled to maintain a distinctive presence in the midst of cable news mayhem, will be moderating “Meet The Press” through the General Elections this year.

I respect Tom, although I find his editorial positions and influence in some of the news programming that he produces to be sharply left (and off the cliff sometimes), but I think that he has the knowledge, relationship savvy and ability to listen to those he disagrees with that will help maintain the integrity of the program.

I think everyone would agree that Tom is not Tim, and should not be critiqued as such.  However, I expect a level of thoroughness in presenting …

Tim Russert – RIP

Tim RussertIn the midst of all the activity yesterday, I failed to acknowledge the passing of Tim Russert. He had a sudden heart attach at work Friday.

I have watched Tim over the years, and although I sometimes through he pursued issues that were not relevant, he was a man of integrity, he was always courteous to his guests and always sought the truth. He will be missed by me and a nation that did look to him to help keep our politicians honest, and no one will likely ever replace him.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Update: Added link to WSJ story.

Stupid is… Easy!

It is so easy, especially when you aren’t tightly scripted, to say things that just don’t come out the way you mean them to.

  • John McCain: When asked what will happen if he can’t convince the American public that the war in Iraq is succeeding, he said “Then I lose.” I don’t have a problem with this answer, because it’s true. John’s mistake here, in my opinion, is attempting to retract the statement. It’s one thing to say something that pundits will have fun with, it’s another to react so dramatically so as to give the pundits not just credence on the point, but additional fire power.
  • Hillary Clinton: “Shame on you!” Very tepid and unnatural? Bring back Bill, at least he knows

Nader Announces That He’s Viable

This morning’s Meet The Press featured an interview with Ralph Nader where he announced that he is running for President.  True to form, Tim Russert asked Nader a lot of stupid questions about the 2000 election and Nader’s supposed impact on the outcome of that election, which Nader actually responded to rather adroitly.  And of course, Russert couldn’t leave it alone and pressed some more and insinuated that Nader’s goal was only to somehow impact the outcome of the election instead of actually winning.  Nader managed to get a few comments in regarding his position on actual issues, but it was disappointing that Russert never really discussed issues with Nader but instead attacked the very idea of him running.  Including:

You heard Barack Obama say

The Aftermath, and the Wuss

It’s been a busy day in politics…

John Edwards has apparently been paying attention to our suggestions. He has decided to drop out of the race leaving no endorsement (yet).  Any bets on who that helps?

Rudy Giuliani also has departed, providing an endorsement to John McCain. Nice.  Most people seem to agree that McCain is not as conservative as Romney, just like the Easter Bunny isn’t as real as Santa Claus (most people can at least say they’ve had a conversation with Santa, not with the Bunny).  Hucklebee is apparently the only one waiting for an official invitation to leave (Ron Paul hasn’t spent all his money yet, so we may be stuck with him longer than Nader).

Speaking of Ralph Nader, it …

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