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President Obama, Day #…..

President Obama, Day #…..

july2009Ah, who cares? As disappointed as I was about the outcome of the last general election, I thought I'd take a few months off from writing and spend it observing this new global (dare I say, Intergalactic?) phenomenon that is our new President. Today is July 6, and I fear that he is almost exactly what I thought he would be last summer, that is to say, pathetic. Having said this, I have to confess that the reason I took some time from writing was that I wanted to be objective in my assessment of this man (as opposed to self-styled Deity). So many conservatives have been lambasted precisely because they wouldn't give President Obama a chance. Not that he needed one, but we DO have to be fair. And I was secretly praying that his rhetoric was merely that and he was pandering to his ultra-liberal base and that, being a man of reason and logic, he was a closet conservative and would instinctively do the right thing. No such luck! I've waited five and a half months for him to do something, anything, good for the country. So far, here's what President Obama has accomplished:
  • He's spent $1.2 trillion (that's $1,200,000,000,000) of succeeding generations' money on absolutely nothing of any consequence
  • He's flown around the world numerous times at taxpayer's expense, all the while chiding the taxpayers to tighten up their belts and pay for his largesse
  • He's been on television almost every day whining about the failed policies of "the last eight years" and gathering support for his socialist agenda.
That's it. He's talked, and talked and talked some more. One gets the sense that talking is all the man knows how to do, and, after reading his resume, that's all he's ever done. At least he's consistent. Meanwhile, here in middle America, our country is suffering [...]
President Obama, Day #…..


Somehow, I managed to stay awake for last night's Presidential press conference. Say what you will about President Obama's communication skills--and they are considerable--he is no macro economist. Which is a shame, because he has access to two of the brightest macro-economists of our generation: Ben Bernanke and Larry Summers. He should listen to them; learn from them. They have much to teach him. My reaction to watching the President last night is that he is clueless as to how the economy really works, and his recent historical perspective is revisionist. First, kudos to the media. As opposed to the first press conference, they asked him some hard, direct questions. Unfortunately, President Obama is incapable of answering these questions in a transparent, straightforward manner, but the questions were direct even if the answers weren't. Now to the revisionist Obamanomics. First, President Obama claims he inherited a $1.2 trillion budget deficit. According to the [...]
President Obama, Day #…..

Observations on a New Year

Here we are! 2009! What can we say? 2008 is gone and I think we're all grateful for that. Republicans had their hats handed to them, although Conservatives fared pretty well. And there's the difference. Moderate Republicanism is indistinguishable from the Democrats. If Republicans want to regain their stature in Washington and the state houses across America, they need to do it at the grass roots level and they need to return to Conservative values. Barack Obama is the President-elect not because of his microscopic resume, or because of the political cesspool he climbed out of, or the message of change and hope, because he represents neither. He won the national election because the Republican candidate was a moderate with a poorly-crafted message, and so since the two were indistinguishable, people chose the candidate that was younger, better-looking, and articulate. We can't do that again. After 18 months of the media (and Obama) telling us [...]
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