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Good Friday: The Day That Changed The World

Good Friday: The Day That Changed The World

  • July 4. 1776: British Colonies In America Declare Independence
  • August 12, 1861: Southern Rebels Attack Fort Sumter
  • December 7, 1941: Japan Attacks US at Pearl Harbor
  • September 11, 2001: Terrorists Fly Jets Into World Trade Center

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Listed above are some of the key events in the history of the United States that signaled the beginning of war. One could make a similar list of events related to events signaling the beginnings of economic turmoil. Others that signaled the beginnings of territorial expansion and industrial advances. None holds a candle to the day we celebrate today. Today is the day that signaled the beginning of peace between God and Man. The beginning of a greater war for our hearts. The beginning of a new level of relationship with God. Good Friday is called "good" because this is the day that Jesus Christ, God and Man in one, died on a cross to pay the price for all of our sins. Pope Benedict stated today in his Good Friday remarks that Jesus was unique in that he impacted the world not by taking the lives of others, but by allowing his own life to be taken for the sake of others. I cannot imagine the pain that Jesus experience, both physical and emotional, as [...]
Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings

Yes, we've been out of pocket for a few weeks now. After returning from family matters, work (yes, I have a real job) was a bit overwhelming for many reasons. At any rate, we hope that the new year will provide us both more opportutnity to share daily thoughts and to begin expanding the focus of The Conservative Reader to more principled discussions. Tonight and tomorrow many of us will be visiting our local churches to share in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our family will be worshiping this evening. Three things to share today.

The First Amendment

Thank God for the freedom in our society, as declared by the wisdom of the founders of our country, to worship freely as we see fit, or not to worship at all. I'm sure that some of the motivation behind this right comes from the surprising amount of diversity and infighting among different groups (denominations) who all profess to worship the same Christ, and the history of violence of government against those who do not worship the government's official "church". And yet I'm also confident that the generation that established our Bill of Rights also perceived the need to protect any who chose to worship other than the norm, including Jewish, Islam, Native American religions, Oriental religions, or none at all. This is a precious freedom, and one of a handful that if we ever [...]

Happy Easter

We at The Conservative Reader wish you a very Happy Easter!  We hope you are able to spend time today with your families and friends, and celebrate what Jesus Christ did by dying on the Cross and rising from the Grave. His death paid the penalty for all of our sin. ...

Thoughts on Christmas

So, Christmas morning 2007 started with a bright sun on a cold, snow-less ground.  We are staying with family and enjoying a pleasant and relaxing morning.  Gifts were handled last night.  My niece started off the time last night with a reading of the Christmas Story...
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