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Coexistence and a Christian Buddha

While living in San Francisco, I was always a little concerned that I may have been in non-compliance with a California State Department of Transportation regulation. It appeared to me that it might have been mandatory to display both a state-issued license plate on the back of my car, along with a “COEXIST” bumper sticker.

The message of COEXIST is, I suppose, interesting in terms of its banal universality. Almost all of us earnestly desire to live peacefully with one another. There is, however, the ever-present and small group of people who would wish the rest of us dead. While I am not at all certain of this, I suppose (at least in theory) the COEXIST bumper stickers could potentially wear on the psyches of …

How Important Is Parenting?

I’ll admit that my experience in parenting is lame.  My 15-year-old niece spent a year in our home.  Our appreciation for parents skyrocketed within a week.

That said, I think we have significant challenges in raising a generation of people in our society that will carry on the American model of self-sufficiency, determination, competitiveness and aggressive success that created a nation and fuels the greatest society in the world.

I believe, however, that the gradual attempts of the past 100 years on the part of rich intellectual liberals to mold a less aggressive (read “pacified”) society is already crippling our ability to succeed.  A combination of Eugenics, Social Engineering, the Liberal Capture of Education, the General Rebellion on college campuses in the 60’s, “Give Peace …

It Made Me Want To Be Expelled

The wife and I finally got time to see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

We were aghast.

Dr. Bob Stouffer did a great job reflecting on this movie.   But it still did not prepare me for what I witnessed.

It was haunting.

There were three things that impressed themselves upon me.

First, that in the world of Academia the idea of an open exchange of ideas would be so profoundly suppressed without any guilt, without any hesitation, either because of the agenda of a mind washed majority or because of the power of those who have significant financial resources.  Higher Education has always been held up as the great open learning environment because ideas and paths of research were not shackled.  I’ve lost that …

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