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The DSM Register Independence Day Weekend “Progressive Trifecta” (3rd of 3) “Keep Social Security Safe”

The Des Moines Register’s Opinion Section on Sunday, July 3, 2011 featured a “Progressives Trifecta” of half-truths and sophistry:

Richard Doak – What if the founders were around today?

Donald Kaul – My favorite 4th of July speech

Dean Baker – Keep Social Security safe from politicians who want to save it

This week I will focus my comments on Dean Baker’s article sub-titled “Real patriotism requires coming to terms with the grimmer side of American history”.  Mr. Baker is co-director for the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).  The CEPR home page lists 10 funders, mostly far left organizations including the Open Society Foundations, which was founded by and led by George Soros.

Dean Baker-He advises the reader that two thirds of people …

Measure the Cost

March 19th marked an unusual anniversary for me.

Eighteen years ago on that very day, I drank my last drop of alcohol.

Yes, it’s true.  I am a tee-totaller.  But before you declare me intolerant of those who drink, please hear my full story and how I came to the conviction of no longer drinking.

I never was a big drinker.  I really didn’t like to put any substances in my body which would have inhibited my intellect or athletic abilities.  I never tried any illegal drugs, and I especially abstained from alcohol when I was playing football.  (I played high school and college ball.)

However, in the off-season, even when it was not legal for me to do so, I would drink a …

GOP Has Its Problems Too

Christopher J. Ward, former treasurer for the National Republican Congressional Committee, is under investigation for allegedly embezzling as much as a million dollars of the organization’s money.

When our people mess up, we do it Texas-style.

Of course, we’ve been a little distracted with governors who can’t keep their pants zipped and campaign officials who lack tact in sharing their thoughts. The Democrats try to keep it light.

Ward has evidently been carrying out a very extensive scheme of stealing from possibly many committees that he has served on. He was highly trusted. He managed to forge audit reports. Deceived everyone around him. The whole time he managed to bull his way through avoiding a real external audit for 5 years.

Although I can repeat …

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