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To Clarify A Point

My friends at Century Of The Common Iowan have pointed out that I made a statement that wasn’t very clear.  Sometimes I assume people know what I’m talking about, and this is a case where that was a really bad assumption.

In talking about the Briston Palin controversy, I had said:

It’s unfortunate that the society that has been largely built over the last 50 years on the social philosophy of the extreme Left makes it so difficult for parents to keep their children from engaging in activities that lead to pregnancy.

You’re right, I led with my thoughts but not with a clear explanation of how I got there.  I really have got to do better.

Anyhow, here’s a reply I left at Century …

How Important Is Parenting?

I’ll admit that my experience in parenting is lame.  My 15-year-old niece spent a year in our home.  Our appreciation for parents skyrocketed within a week.

That said, I think we have significant challenges in raising a generation of people in our society that will carry on the American model of self-sufficiency, determination, competitiveness and aggressive success that created a nation and fuels the greatest society in the world.

I believe, however, that the gradual attempts of the past 100 years on the part of rich intellectual liberals to mold a less aggressive (read “pacified”) society is already crippling our ability to succeed.  A combination of Eugenics, Social Engineering, the Liberal Capture of Education, the General Rebellion on college campuses in the 60’s, “Give Peace …

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