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The Pro-Life Movement Continues To Stall

Baby BoyAbortion.  This word is at the same time one of the most cherished and abhorred words in American culture today.  I fall on the side of those who are offended by the word and everything it represents.  Whether politically, social-scientifically or personally, I see this one word and its use as speaking volumes about the one who uses it.  When I hear or speak this word, without exception, I wince.

My heart breaks every time I think of each life that is shattered indiscriminately as it is snuffed out by a doctor who violates his Hippocratic Oath by harming an innocent life, and a mother who is convinced that she has no way to handle the challenges of pregnancy.  The worst of it is a …

Fred Thompson Speaking at National Right To Life Convention

Fred is speaking at the NRTL Convention right now (Thursday, 10:00 AM Eastern). You can see it here at (Update 12:40 PM Eastern: Looks like they have a line of speakers before Fred hits the key note.  Below is the recorded version… The introduction for Fred starts at 37:30)…

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