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Mitch McConnell’s Speech December 21

mitch-mcconnell 1As discussed and promised on The Conservative Reader Report on December 22, here is the full Senate Minority Leader’s speech (Mitch McConnell of Kentucky) just prior to the Monday’s Cloture vote.  If you don’t have 13 minutes, you can see a 3 minute highlight just below it.  This was a power and compelling speech, and Mitch won the TCR Report’s Smart Politician of the week for this speech.

You can also checkout more info at Shane Vander Hart’s Caffeinated Thoughts, Eric Florack’s Bitsblog and Michelle Malkin’s site as well.



How A Minority Holds Sway

I read with keen interest James Freeman’s interview with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal titled “The Power of 41 Senators”. Although being in the majority is always more effective than the minority, McConnell (along with the entire Congress) has an impressive record (I can’t believe I’m saying this about our Congress) of successfully implementing a rather conservative agenda while remaining in the minority. Why is that? As McConnell states:

“The good news is that 49 is not a bad number in a body that requires 60. The United States Senate is the only legislative body in the world where a majority is not enough.”

The reason, of course, is the Senate’s cloture rules. 60 votes are needed to force a …

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