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The Stench of Impropriety: Your Tax Dollars, Your Body Image, and The Government (Part 2 of 2)

Which Universe Are We In?

Space ClusterIn a recent conversation with a friend of mine, his comment was something like, “Those people on the far left must be from a different solar system.” Another friend said, “We are living in Alternative Reality B” (referencing the line from the movie Back to the Future) where we momentarily leave the time-space continuum. My personal take is that the far left is simply the result of a nasty turn taken on the path of evolutionary biology. While we may still appear to be part of the same human species, liberals and conservatives will ultimately be seen as fundamentally different members of the mammilia branch. And while I jest (but just a little), the question of what separates the “thinking” of liberals and the principles of conservatives is befuddling for many of us. Most adults in America today (other than the most senior amongst us) have never had to directly face the ideology of the N. Pelosi’s, C. Schumer’s, J. Wright’s and E. Holder’s of the world. Even the 1960’s form of “progressivism” was set against the backdrop of the known evil of an outwardly racist system, and an equally controversial war in Vietnam. Today is different. What we face today is an unforced and radical progressivism without any of the supporting historical props. The problem with the interpretive thinking of conservatives today is that we are attempting to see the logic in the ideology of the left (or at least some form of semi-coherent palliative) that will allow us to understand the apparent vacuity. But herein we are seeking to see that which simply does not exist. When we look at the notion [...]
Everyone Deserves To Own A House, Right?

Everyone Deserves To Own A House, Right?

Well, Hillary appears to be attempting to make EVERYONE happy. More government money to rescue folks who simply bought more house than they could afford. According to a Wall Street Journal story Tuesday, Hillary proposes: Freezing Forclosures for 90 days Freezing...
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