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2012 Election Issues That Matter: Life

Political Issues Important, That Matter, 2012 ElectionAs this election draws to a close, and although many have already gone to the polls, I’d like to ponder some of the issues that matter in this election. Some matter more to the general population than others, and we will cover as many as we can between now and November 6. The intent is not so much to compel you to vote for a particular candidate, but to provide some food for thought about the issues and why they are important.  -Ed.

Of all of the issues that fall before us this year, “Life” has the most significance to me.  All of the other issues pale in comparison, and my innermost desire is to do everything I can to ensure that everyone is able …

Just Like Everyone Else

I feel like I just got punched in the stomach.

Michael Gerson at Real Clear Politics provides an analysis of a piece of the political news of the day that may just break your heart.  At the center of the excitement and controversy over Sarah Palin being thrust into the national limelight is the story of her son Trig, only 4 months old, born with Down Syndrome.  Please, read the piece by Gerson.

Gerson’s analysis includes a startling statistic: 90% of pregnancies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted.  90%.  That’s 45,000 last year who were killed because they might be too much of a “burden” to their families and society.

How could we?

I have a dear friend today, and others in the past, …

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