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Election Updates For Iowans

Following are updates on races that are particularly important to Iowa:

Tom Harkin (D) is reelected to the US Senate.

Bruce Braley (D) reelected as Iowa District 1 US Congressman.

Dave Loebsack (D) reelected as Iowa District 2 US Congressman.

Leonard Boswell (D) reelected as Iowa District 3 US Congressman.

Tom Latham (R) is reelected as Iowa District 4 US Congressman.

Steve King (R) reelected as Iowa District 5 US Congressman.

Iowa Constitution Amendment passed.

Bill McCarthy (D) reelected as Polk Country Sheriff.

The Iowa State House and Senate races are still not all settled at this writing.  However, it appears that Democrats like have a majority in both houses again.…

The Decline of Unions

It’s time to say goodbye to unions. Their time has come and gone. The real original value of unions have long since been replaced by state and federal laws that drive a significant amount of basic workers rights, and the labor market itself now drives a majority of the salary and benefits needs for most organizations.  Of course, you would have to believe in discipline as a means to long term success for this to make sense, and that’s just not the case in the world of the Left.

It’s quite possible that unions will survive for quite some time, but not because they are necessary. Since they have limited value to union members, they are becoming more and more desperate to find ways to …

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