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When The Majority Gets Desperate

Democrats are starting to become more audacious where they hold sway.  In your state, they have probably already tried:

  • Giving in to Unions with Prevailing Wage and Fair Share
  • Giving in to Populist attempts to circumvent the Constitution
  • Giving in to attempts to minimize the value of the family by elevating gay unions as marriage
  • Giving in to solutions lacking real problems, such as Worker’s Compensation Physician’s Choice
  • Giving in to their lust for spending, a long-term need for greed that feeds a push to raise taxes… yes, your state government is probably trying right now to raise your taxes!

If you don’t believe all this, just look to Iowa.  Smack dab in the middle of the country, normally expected to be a follower, …

TCR Endorsements: Iowa House District 60

District 60 is currently represented in the Iowa House by Libby Jacobs (R).  She decided retire from the house this year and so we have a fresh set of candidates.

Dr. Alan Koslow (D) is a vascular surgeon who has been involved in health related volunteer activities for over 30 years.  Without being a legislator, he has authored bills passed by the Iowa General Assembly, focused in the health and child services area.  He has worked in missions to El Salvador after an earthquake.  He considers himself a Smaller Government-Private Business-Progressive Realist.  Koslow’s main focus is Health Care.  His positions appear somewhat moderate, although he advocates leveraging our “balanced budget” to stimulate the economy by spending it on teacher pay, improving infrastrucutre, early child development …

Iowa Smoking Ban Remains In Effect

As mentioned here last week, Polk County District Court Judge Douglas Staskal made his ruling on the request to temporarily block Iowa’s new smoking ban on Monday.  The ruling left the door open for bar owners to to proceed with the case.  According to a story on the Des Moines Register web site:

Staskal found it “safe to conclude that the plaintiffs have at least a reasonable chance of succeeding on these claims because, on first impression, the exemptions appear to make the statute as a whole substantially under inclusive in relation to its stated purpose.”

Basically, the bar owners did not provide enough evidence that the law was causing irreperable harm:

Staskal’s 10-page ruling says complaints of lost business due to the

Iowa Smoking Ban In Court

Bar owners got their first shot in court to get a stay ordered on the 2008 Iowa Smoking Ban.  Some bar owners say they are losing business, some preparing to shut down for good.  Although one admitted that gasoline prices and other economic issues may be impacting business as well, there should be no doubt that some patrons who enjoy smoking and drinking with their pals probably figure they can spend less buying their own six-pack and drink at home where they can at least smoke (as long they they don’t have a daycare business operating out of the home).

George Eichhorn, fresh off of a Republican primary loss for the honor of running against Democrat Tom Harkin, is representing the group members of the …

Working From The Grassroots

Tonight I attended my first Polk County (Iowa) Republican Central Committee meeting. I have never been at this level of politics (okay, 2008 continues to be a year of firsts for me in local politics), and it was more interesting than I expected.

I won’t get into a lot of details about the meeting, except that it was half speeches (which was good, actually) and half business. Fund-raising is definitely a high priority for the party, along with voter turnout.

I was impressed with the variety of people there, various ages, ethnicities, and walks of life. We definitely have a party with a cross-section of the community that takes the time to participate.

Just to clarify, the Central Committee is made up of as many …

Done With Flood Patrol

The waters have receded in Iowa for now, and although the task is still long and hard ahead of so many Iowans, we’ve moved the links related to the flood off of the sidebar and onto a separate page.  If you select the “Other Resources” page above, one of the choices on that page will be “Floods of 2008”.  Or use this link.

We continue to pray for and support those who were impacted by the flood.  As the Iowa General Assembly comes together either later this year or during the regular 2009 session, we will cover the major decisions that face them and the impacts these decisions will have on the state of Iowa.…

Local Republican Leaders Provide Candid Perpective

Steve Deace had probably the best group of people on his show today for talking about local Republican politics and why we are struggling as a party to make an impact in the Iowa Statehouse, and on the national scene. The group included outgoing Polk County (Iowa) Republican Party Chair and State Central Committee member Ted Sporer, National Committee Woman Candidate and Iowa Right To Life President Kim Lehman, Steve Scheffler President of Iowa Christian Alliance and National Committee Man Candidate, and Stew Iverson who is chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.

Quite an interesting banter. I have not had time to listen to the entire broadcast (podcast page here) but am listening to it now.

The big item from …

Gas Tax to Pay For Flood Damage?

Legislative Leaders in Iowa are continuing to talk about a special session of the General Assembly, which makes sense. The Governor is doing a good job of expressing the need to prioritize working on the current relief effort AND establishing a solid assessment of the costs before holding a session.

The bad news is, the only option being mentioned by the media (although there are almost certainly others) is an increase in the gasoline tax. That would be a bad idea. Better to raise the sales tax than the gasoline tax. Gas prices are already creating too much of a burden for everyone… a 1% increase in the sales tax with a well planned time-limit to cover flood related needs would be more appropriate. …

Iowa General Assembly May Return

Already, Democrats (including Governor Culver) are talking about the General Assembly holding a special session in response to the flooding in Iowa.

We better have a good reason to do this.  It will cost money we don’t have.  On the other hand, there may be enough need to justify the expense, but I hope there is adequate review of that ahead of time.

That said, I’m glad that the politicians are taking strong leadership in communicating that the state will do whatever is necessary to meet the needs of displaced and otherwise affected citizens of Iowa.

I have not found enough information yet on anything FEMA is doing, although I heard Governor Culver mention that some portion of the 83 counties that have been affected …

Non-Presidential Primary Day in Iowa and Elsewhere

Today is the day we decide who will represent our parties for non-Presidential offices.  Where I live (West Des Moines, Iowa District 3) we have only one race that matters for Republicans today (US Senate seat, to run against Tom Harkin… 3 candidates in the Primary: Steve Rathje, Christopher Reed, and George Eichhorn), and I believe that Democrats have just one, where the District 3 US House incumbent Leonard Boswell is being challenged by fellow Democrat Ed Fallon.

When my wife and I went to vote at noon today, I was disappointed to see only 25 people had voted before us today in our precinct.  We had well over 400 people show up for the Caucus in January.

Other states holding primaries today for non-Presidential …

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