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Honor them, today.

Have you ever been to Arlington ?memorial-day2
It’s a place like very few others on the planet. It’s true enough; the world would be a better place if places such as Arlington weren’t required to be a part of it, but man is fallible. Our freedoms that so many of us take for granted , come at a very high price. What you see in front of you is but a small part of that price.

Something there is about humans that causes us not to want to be indebted to anyone. It’s perhaps why some are so anti-military. Yet we are indebted to these individuals, and millions more like them, buried on battlefields all around the world. We are indebted in a way that …

Silver Star Goes To Woman Serving In Afghanistan

Silver StarFor shielding her injured comrades and treating them while under fire, a woman medic in the 82nd Army Airborne Division will be awarded the Silver Star. Spc. Monica Lin Brown, a 19-year-old from Texas, is will receive the award for showing valor by saving the lives of 5 other soldiers after a road-side bomb attack left them injured and insurgents opened fire on the group as they moved about 500 yards away from the fighting. Only one other women has received the Silver Star for actions since World War II.

It’s getting close to the time that we admit that women can indeed fight alongside men, and can handle the stress and challenges of front-line duty. The actions in Afghanistan and Iraq have made …

How To Treat A Soldier

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13 – New International Version

You’ve heard some of these stories in the past, I’m sure. A uniformed Army Private boards a commercial flight somewhere in the US and the entire plane erupts in applause and appreciation; an elderly veteran is warmly welcomed and offered the best seat in a restaurant; a women returns from a 9 month tour with her National Guard unit in Afghanistan and has her job available to her again, and is given opportunities to share with her fellow employees the pain and the successes she saw; state upon state making sure every loss of a native son or daughter fallen in battle is …

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