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In Other News…

Speaking of disasters, California is 49th from the last state to allow homosexuals to marry. Lots of back and forth on this… listened to some interesting discussion on the radio this afternoon (Steve Deace on WHO-AM) regarding who’s at fault… the comments stating that the California Supreme Court was not only out of line, but acting against state constitutional restrictions, and that Arnie the Governator is complicit by enforcing the ruling instead of hauling the court up for impeachment.

Also, I managed to miss a number of things. I wanted so much to do something special for Flag Day Saturday, and missed the boat (no pun intended) completely with all the flooding news spinning around. I’ll have to wait for next year. But …

The Signs of Decline

I am not going to argue the merits of the case or the stretched use of precedence. And it is far too easy to poke holes at the California Supreme Court.

But instead I ask one single question. Does anyone not see this as a sign of the on-going decline of our society?

I’m not intending to be alarmist about this, and of course I’m going to be lumped with the extremist religious wackos that promote a “God hates the world” message (one that I vehemently oppose).

I support the rights of all to life, liberty and happiness, even for those who carry on privately in sexual or other conduct that is repulsive to me.

But for the government to establish a new order to …

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